The Callisto Protocol is bringing the incredible atmosphere of Dead Space to a modern audience. This brutal sci-fi shooter promises to be as deadly as its spiritual predecessor, and just as scary. One of the most horrifying elements of The Callisto Protocol are the non-playable characters that you can find around the map. The worker that you find early in the game will tell you about his plight. If you want to help the trapped worker, we can walk you through how to get to him.

How to Help Trapped Worker in The Callisto Protocol

Sadly, there is no way to help the trapped worker that will keep him alive during your The Callisto Protocol playthrough. All you can do is get to his body and get his Implant Bio and avenge him in the future. From the door with the yellow light, head backward and clear the enemies as best you can. Then, head back to the room with the yellow light and clear the enemy in there to get the worker’s corpse.

No matter how fast you clear the encounter, the Trapped Worker will always die. So don’t worry about retrying the fight or doing anything like that. You’ve done the best that you could!

All the trapped worker does for you is provide you with the Implant Bio in his head. The implant bio is required for elements of the Lost chapter of the game. It is one of the several bios in this chapter that you will need to collect and upload to progress in this part of the story.

Richard Cids, the worker, is required to get you into the Tunnels. So, once you collect his bio, head to the other door with a faint light.

That’ll bring you to the next area of the map, so crash through it quickly! This won’t be the last person who dies in this game, so prepare yourself for the future of The Callisto Protocol.

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