Tekken 8 has gone all out on its story mode, The Darkish Awakens. It is significantly greater price range than its predecessor—static graphics and off narration are out in favour of larger-than-life cutscenes, the return of a Tekken Pressure-esque section and, in a shock twist, a number of endings.

In case you’re something like me, you will have wrapped up story mode solely to note a tidy two-cutscene hole in your gallery for Chapter 15, which is The Darkish Awakens’ closing chapter. That is as a result of Tekken 8’s story mode has two endings, and it is fortunately slightly easy to unlock whichever one you are lacking. 

After all, be warned that there are huge spoilers for Tekken 8’s story mode beneath. Learn at your individual threat.

The best way to unlock each of Tekken 8’s endings 

If you have not already guessed, Tekken 8 technically has a very good ending (Hope) and a nasty ending (Despair). Whichever one you unlock depends upon who comes out victorious on the finish of Chapter 15’s closing battle. 

Kazuya Mishima in Tekken 8.

(Picture credit score: Bandai Namco)

Chapter 15 sees Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima going toe-to-toe for one closing big punch-up… properly, it is extra like six closing punch-ups. The one combat that issues on this chapter is the final one—you will know you are there when a QTE saying “I can’t deny my existence” pops up. 

In case you’re attempting to get the Hope ending (the canon one), you will need to be sure you emerge victorious as Jin Kazama. Not like the earlier fights on this chapter, for those who lose you don’t get a retry, so you will must guarantee victory this time round. In case you efficiently defeat Kazuya, the next cutscene will show the 2 buying and selling one closing blow earlier than Kazuya slumps to the bottom. 

For the Despair ending, you will need the precise reverse to occur. You may must lose towards Kazuya by letting him repeatedly assault you till you lose all of your health. The best method to do that is to proceed strolling ahead so you are not blocking any of his assaults. In case you’re feeling assured sufficient to win the earlier battles you possibly can crank the issue as much as Onerous to get it over with faster.

In case you’ve accomplished it appropriately, the ultimate buying and selling blow ought to as a substitute see Jin slumping to the bottom, and subsequent cutscenes enjoying out Kazuya’s victory.