The Resident Evil 4 Remake sword puzzle will be discovered within the citadel’s treasury as soon as you have paired up with Ashley and have fought off the Garrador within the dungeon. As soon as inside, you may see 4 steel engravings of knights with swords and a locked gate with three symbols on it to your left.

To unravel the sword puzzle, it’s good to open this gate by means of a mixture of pulling cords and shooting symbols, earlier than retrieving the bloodied sword inside to rearrange within the mural of steel knights. So, here is learn how to activate the symbols to open the gate and get the blade so you’ll be able to proceed your travels by means of Salazar’s citadel. 

Not like the combo lock where it’s good to search a ebook of clues or the puzzle where it’s important to find Hexagon items, every little thing you want is situated within the room with you. 

The best way to remedy the sword puzzle 

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Resident evil 4 remake symbols

The bird, stag and snake symbols to look out for. (Picture credit score: Capcom)
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resident evil 4 remake sword

The bloodied sword. (Picture credit score: Capcom)
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reisdent evil 4 sword puzzle

The sword puzzle accomplished. (Picture credit score: Capcom)

Step one in fixing the sword puzzle is getting the bloodied sword. To try this it’s good to open the gate with the three symbols. Close by, you may see a gong with a stag image on it and a twine you’ll be able to pull to activate it. When you do, the stag image on the gate will begin glowing. Now, it’s good to goal by means of the bars of the gate and shoot the eagle and snake gongs to gentle the opposite symbols, opening the gate so you will get the sword from the statue.

After this, you may must match the completely different sword varieties to the 4 steel murals of the knights on both aspect of the locked door—it is most likely price grabbing all the swords already set into the murals earlier than you begin doing this. Now, from left to right, you may wish to insert the swords on this order, matching the murals:

  • Knight with sword between legs: Iron Sword 
  • Knight kneeling: Golden Sword 
  • Knight killing one other knight: Bloodied Sword 
  • Knight’s headstone: Rusted Sword 

As soon as all blades are of their right locations, the gate will then open and you’ll progress with the story.