The WoW Dreamer’s Bounty is a locked chest discovered within the new Zaralek Cavern zone, which was added with the 10.1 update. The identify of the chest presents a imprecise trace about how you can open it, besides, you are prone to be scratching your head for fairly a while as you attempt to determine how you can get inside.

The update, Embers of Neltharian, ushers in a brand new mixture of Mythic+ dungeons, a nine-boss raid, a brand new dragonriding mount, and a zone that’s totally underground. Whereas exploring the Zaralek Cavern, you would possibly come across a treasure or two and surprise how you can gather it for your self. With that in thoughts, this is how you can open the WoW Dreamer’s Bounty chest in Dragonflight.

WoW Dreamer’s Bounty chest puzzle

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WoW Dreamer's Bounty

Dreamer’s Bounty location. (Picture credit score: Blizzard)
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WoW Dreamer's Bounty

Get the Drowsy Mud debuff from a Preying Dustmoth. (Picture credit score: Blizzard)
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WoW Dreamer's Bounty

Open the chest to seize your rewards. (Picture credit score: Blizzard)

The Dreamer’s Bounty chest is positioned to the south of Loamm—you possibly can examine the precise location within the screenshot above. It is hidden amongst a blue leafy plant, so you will have to look fastidiously to identify the small chest.

To open the locked Dreamer’s Bounty chest, that you must look across the space for a Preying Dustmoth. There are a couple of flying enemies within the space, so be sure you get the correct one. The moths you are searching for are aggressive and can begin attacking when you get in aggro vary. As soon as you’ve got discovered one, get its consideration and lead it again to the chest’s location. You wish to begin taking its health down, however do not kill it till it is utilized the Drowsy Mud debuff to you. When you’ve got the debuff, kill the moth, then flip to the chest to seek out it unlocked. 

Simply bear in mind that the debuff has a 15-second length, and that you must be out of fight for it to allow you to unlock the chest. It is a good suggestion to deliver down the moth’s health when you’re ready for it to cast the debuff so you possibly can kill it rapidly and seize the loot from the chest. On your troubles, you are rewarded with Whelpling’s Shadowflame Crest Fragments and a power/agility trinket.