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The Resident Evil 4 Remake church puzzle is among the few that survives from the unique game to plague gamers within the new model, and although it is slightly completely different, it will doubtless journey up anybody who is not notably good at aligning advanced shapes. Whereas the unique puzzle concerned spinning separate stained glass circles, this one overlays all of them on the similar time, so it is undoubtedly a bit trickier.

When you’re nonetheless trekking by the village, you may wish to know the best way to open these Wayshrines and what’s in every, or the best way to get the free secret weapon within the space. In any other case, this is the best way to clear up the Resident Evil 4 Remake church puzzle so that you might be in your merry method. 

The best way to clear up the church puzzle 

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Resident Evil 4 Remake church puzzle solution

Align the dials like so to resolve the puzzle (Picture credit score: Capcom)
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Resident Evil 4 Remake church puzzle - Blue Dial

You could find the Blue Dial in a cabinet down a aspect passageway (Picture credit score: Capcom)

Step one in fixing the church puzzle is to seize the Blue Dial down the right-hand aspect passageway as you enter the principle doorways—yow will discover it inside a cabinet on the finish. Now, head to the altar itself—make sure to seize the small key on the desk whereas there—and pull the lever to the left aspect of the altar on the wall. This opens up the lectern to disclose two dials and an empty slot for a 3rd. Put the Blue Dial into the empty house to start. 

To finish this puzzle you need to flip every of the colored dials, rotating three stained glass plates in order that they match with the Las Plagas image within the background of the enormous circle. It takes a little bit of puzzling out to identify the shapes, strains, and hues, plus how they mix collectively as an entire. When you’re struggling, I would advocate that you simply align the three dials on the backside to match the display screen above displaying the right answer. This could full the puzzle, and if not, get you shut sufficient that you simply simply have to shift a dial or two barely to complete it off.

As soon as aligned, the gate will open letting you head deeper into the church to seek out Ashley.