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How to Clear Red Mist in Redfall


How to Clear Red Mist in Redfall

On: May 11, 2023

Red Mist, also known as Death Mist to some, is an environmental hazard that plagues certain areas across the town of Redfall. Whoever walks into its mystical presence will see themselves facing death. Only the vampires who have taken over are able to control such a threat. However, with the help of four brave heroes, the citizens of Redfall will soon say goodbye to the deadly haze that complements the wall of water to keep them from escaping. If you’re looking for a method to clear away the Red Mist, we invite you to read our guide below.

The heroes encounter another threat encased in red.

How to Get Rid of the Red Mist

You need to use the UV gun if you wish to clear the Red Mist in Redfall. You can equip the UV-102B “Medusa” Portable Beam Rifle from your inventory while keeping your distance from the deadly fog. Much like with other weapons that you can find in Redfall, the Medusa can be looted from various containers.

Coming into contact with the mist will result in continuous damage, ultimately killing you if you stay for too long in the fog. You’ll know if the hazard in question is affecting you by referring to the skull icon at the bottom left of your screen. It’ll appear under the health bar.

Expert Tip: Players can find Salvage by looking through just about anything and anywhere in Redall. Unwanted weapons can also grant you Salvage, with increased values in mind.

With the Portable Beam weapon in hand, search for a deformed hunchback vampire in stone within the mist. Once you do, aim down sights with the Medusa and activate the beam. It’s a concentrated emission that transforms your beam into a laser. Fire away at the motionless enemy; their scream can be heard as a result of the pain. Keeping attacking it until the Red Mist disappears, giving you the five-second window to eliminate the hunchback vampire. They will emit a final yelp as a result, ultimately dissipating the misty gunk.

And if in case you were wondering, flashing the beam onto the smoke will not clear it away. You have to destroy the immobile enemy in order to get rid of the Red Mist. You can experiment with all Redfall characters and abilities to see if there are alternatives, yet the Medusa is guaranteed to get the job done.

Where to Find the UV Beam Rifle

As previously mentioned above, the UV Beam Rifle can be obtained from multiple containers across Redfall. This includes supply crates, storage containers, first-aid packs, and loose bags. There’s a good chance that you will obtain some Salvage, ammo, and food items from these receptacles.

We stumbled upon a Superior Medusa while searching for medical supplies on the road.

With the other weapons in Redfall in mind, the UV gun comes in 5 different tiers that gradually improve the beam’s effect. Weapon levels also apply here for the UV gun. You can stick with the commonplace tier 1 kind or search for the high-powered Unrivaled tier 5 version with additional perks.

Expert Tip: Whether you’re looking for a specific type of ammo or not, it always helps to scoop up whatever you can get while exploring Redfall. Plenty of shotgun shells, magazines, and batteries exist in containers and recently defeated cultists.

The UV beam emits a focused ultraviolet ray which petrifies vampires. Fire from the hip for a wide beam, or aim down sights for a focused beam with greater range and faster certification, much like with what we did in regard to the immovable vampires in the red smoke. Though originally designed to fry vampires and Underbosses (the source of Underboss skulls), there may be other things in Redfall that are sensitive to UV light.

The Medusa has its own type of ammo that you’ll need to consider. Aside from collecting ammo from the various areas of Redfall, you can purchase an ammunition replenishment at any one of the Safe Houses. It’ll cost you some Salvage, depending on how much you need before heading back out into the danger zones.

Remi readies herself to take down the Red Mist with the Medusa.

Of course, the Red Mist isn’t omnipresent in Redfall. It only shows up in patches throughout certain areas, and they only affect a small corner of town. It’s fairly easy to traverse over them, though you will need to clear some away when it comes to completing certain missions.

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