The Best TMNT Games of All Time
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Colorful side-scrolling beat’em-ups? Loud chippy martial arts strikes and combating motion? Saving your human good friend April from the dangerous guys? Must be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle online game!

With each newly anticipated launch of a beloved franchise into the gaming world, it’s time to recollect and re-evaluate a few of the traditional video games we all know and love. TMNT has a wealthy historical past of being on the forefront of the side-scrolling combating style of video games for the reason that 80s. Now that Shredder’s Revenge has come out, that nostalgia is in excessive gear. So let’s see which TMNT video video games are a few of the better of all time.

If we’re being sincere right here, there are solely a hand stuffed with profitable jumps into completely different genres of video games for TMNT. So we’re going to have a look at the perfect of the perfect of the TMNT franchise, specializing in style, however after all, going to present some honorable mentions to every as nicely.

Best Fighting Game: TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES, 1993)

The Best TMNT Games of All Time
Image through Nintendo and Konami

You’d assume the turtles can be in so many combating video games it could be onerous to depend. Alas, their fray into melee fighters has been lower than desired, however even virtually 30 years later, they nonetheless haven’t precisely topped this one. TMNT Tournament Fighters really obtained 3 completely different variations. The most beloved of them is the SNES model which many tout as “everything you love about street fighter without the name”.

TMNT: Smash-Up in 2009, developed by the identical group who made Smash-Brother: Brawl comes near difficult Tournament Fighters for the crown. However, with 10 playable traditional characters and well-aged colourful graphics, it’s onerous to beat the game’s nostalgic punch.

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Best Adventure Game: TMNT The Hyperstone Heist (Sega Genesis, 1992)

The Best TMNT Games of All Time
Image through Konami

While nonetheless technically a side-scroller beat ’em-up, TMNT The Hyperstone Heist has a a lot denser story and exploratory gameplay hooked up to it. Konami’s enormous success to date with titles like TMNT II: The Arcade and Turtles in Time made them wish to produce one other game as quickly as attainable however with extra parts. While some criticize the same gameplay, the longer ranges and tougher enemies in Hyperstone Heist is an enchancment primarily based on ability and time consumption above all else.

If you’re keen on the better-paced nature of Hypserstone Heist, TMNT III: The Manhattan Project may be for you as nicely. While additionally closely influenced by Turtles in Time, the graphics aren’t as well-aged. Plus some may discover the extent of difficulty extra tedious than difficult.

Best Hack and Slash: TMNT Mutants in Manhattan (PS3 & 4, Xbox 360 & One, PC, 2016)

The Best TMNT Games of All Time
Image through Activision

Some may argue that there hasn’t been a nice TMNT game since 2003, possibly even the 90s for some diehards. However, TMNT Mutants in Manhattan is form of a singular expertise you wouldn’t wish to miss should you ever needed to simply run round in full 3D chopping down enemies. Sporting a singular artwork fashion and really shut comic-book correct story and design, Mutants in Manhattan is for many who like a bit mess with their Ninja Turtles. Depending in your multiplayer cooperation, a few of the gameplay can get in the way in which, however one might argue that provides to the 4 brothers leaping and swinging round as they group as much as take out their enemies.

TMNT 2: Battle Nexus from 2004 comes the closest to this fashion of game however with some extra platforming. Although the tempo and graphics haven’t aged as nicely and if pace is what you want, Mutants in Manhattan actually serve up a greater slice.

Best Side-Scroller Beat ’em-up: TMNT Turtles in Time (Arcade and SNES, 1992)

The Best TMNT Games of All Time
Image through Nintendo and Konami

It’s just about the consensus, indubitably that the perfect TMNT game of all time, no matter style, is Turtles in Time. However, due to its comparatively brief size being an arcade game first, later ported to the SNES, a protected guess would to mix it with its predecessor TMNT II: The Arcade. As a direct sequel to Arcade, Turtles in Time merely provides and improves on the whole lot. Better graphics, sleeker gameplay, extra enemies, and naturally the introduction to 4-player mode. Now you and your folks might all be a turtle collectively, enjoying the fearsome-foursome suddenly. It’s no surprise the not too long ago launched Shredder’s Revenge appears to have taken heavy inspiration from them.

In 2003, TMNT for Gameboy Advance was praised for the affect taken from Turtles in time and bringing that early 90s nostalgia to the brand new millennium 10 years later. So in order for you a extra up-to-date homage as nicely, test it out.

Now the perfect a part of all this TMNT nostalgia coming by way of with a brand new game popping out, is all these previous video games are about to be simpler to entry as nicely. TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection, is about to launch later this 12 months, and each game on this checklist (EXCEPT for Mutants in Manhattan and Battle Nexus) is included.