The Best Dendro Traveler Build in Genshin Impact
Image through HoYoVerse

Prior to the addition of the Sumeru area to Genshin Impact, there have been no characters that used the Dendro aspect, so it was all the time tantalizingly out of attain. Nowadays, although, not solely are there Dendro characters, however your personal Traveler can assume the Dendro aspect themselves. Here’s the perfect Dendro Traveler construct in Genshin Impact.

Utilizing Dendro with the Traveler is all about maximizing elemental DPS. Their Elemental Skill, Razorgrass Blade, launches out a fast flurry of leafy projectiles in a fan, whereas their Elemental Burst, Surgent Manifestation, summons a Lea Lotus Lamp that offers steady Dendro AoE injury. You need these skills to return out as shortly as potential, and deal as a lot injury as potential.

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For a Dendro Traveler, the very best weapon is the Freedom-Sworn. This unhealthy boy provides a baseline enhance to Elemental Mastery, whereas its passive ability, Revolutionary Chorale, offers stat-buffing sigils each time you set off an Elemental Reaction. Since you’ll be slinging Dendro strikes round rather a lot anyway, you would possibly as nicely get a buff for it.

Alternatively, you may go for the Sacrificial Sword. This weapon has an opportunity to immediately reload its cooldowns each time you utilize an Elemental Skill. It’s not as fancy because the Freedom-Sworn, however you may’t deny the sheer utility of such a capability for Skill-focused builds.

The Best Dendro Traveler Build in Genshin Impact
Image through HoYoVerse


If you’re seeking to completely maximize your potential with Dendro in your Traveler, look no additional than the Deepwood Memories set. If you’ve acquired a minimum of two items of this set, you’ll get a flat buff to all Dendro injury you deal, however in case you’ve acquired the complete set of 4, then each time you hit an enemy along with your Skill or Burst, their Dendro resistance will get slashed. We’re speaking about persistently decreasing injury resistance in opposition to your main aspect.

That stated, when you have one other Dendro character, the Deepwood Memories would in all probability be higher used on them than the jack-of-all-trades Traveler. In that case, your subsequent best option is the Gilded Dreams set. Two items on this set present a flat buff to your Elemental Mastery stat, and all 4 items provide you with Attack and Elemental Mastery buffs primarily based on what number of members of your occasion have the identical or totally different elemental affinities, respectively. If you’ve acquired a assorted group, you will get a simple enhance to your Elemental Mastery.

In both case, you must prioritize using Artifacts that buff your cooldown charges, Elemental Mastery Dendro injury, and significant fee for good measure.