The Ascent
The Ascent

In The Ascent it is very important to upgrade and assign skill points. And since your available points are limited, you must let them count! So which build in The Ascent should you choose from the beginning? Our guide will help you find the answer! We have listed all the skills in The Ascent along with their effects.

Tactical Sense (Cybernetics): This can increase the speed at which you can put your skills to the field. Ideal for any build that relies on the use of your special abilities rather than just shooting at the enemy.

Weapon Handling (Motorics): Weapon reloading and weapon swap speed is very good, especially for weapons with small magazines. Upgrading this will make your damage more consistent and give you some weapons in your pocket.

Critical Hit Rate (Cybernetics): This will increase your chances of hitting the enemy hard. Very suitable for submachine guns, rifles or other bullet weapons. However, rockets, grenades, and cooldowns have no effect.

Aiming (Motorics): Decreases bullet spread especially if you have sniper rifles.

Vital Signs (Biometrics): Increase the maximum HP. It is very important skill in the game.

Body Battery (Biometrics): Increase the maximum energy. It is important for boosting and fast movement, but it can be alleviated by effective use of cover.

Balance (Frame): This increases the resistance to status effects that prevent from moving, such as stuns or staggers. It also reduces the movement penalty for moving when firing heavy weapons.

Evasion (Frame): Increase the cooling time of Evasion. A good way to avoid damage in fierce battles, but you can reduce damage by effectively using cover.