The Ascent
The Ascent

The cyberpunk action role-playing game “The Ascent” from the indie studio Neon Giant released last week. The Ascent provides an impressive list of achievements, and ensures that achieving these achievements is fun. The following is a list of all achievements, some of which can be very difficult to achieve.

The following list of achievements is divided into two different categories; Main and Secret, to avoid spoilers:

Main Achievements List

  • Added Extras: Equip 2 Augmentations, 1 Module.
  • Self Improvement: Allocate 3 Skill Points.
  • Snooze or Lose: Try Snooze.
  • Suicidal: Die 100 times.
  • Flatliner: Unlock all enemy codex entries.
  • For Both Our Benefits: Complete all side missions.
  • Free Candy: Hack and destroy a Vending Machine.
  • We’re Just Getting Started: Kill 1 Enemy.
  • Do Over: Reset your proficiencies once.
  • Drop Your Weapon: Force an enemy to drop a grenade.
  • Explorer: Discover all locations.
  • Extreme Overcharge: Deliver 4000 damage to an enemy stuck in stasis.
  • Aficionado: Fully upgrade a weapon.
  • Anonymous Withdrawal: Hack an ATM.
  • Black ICE: Deploy black ICE against a hacker.
  • Bounty Hunter: Complete a bounty.
  • Fight Smart: Kill a robot using Energy Damage.
  • Overkill: Kill an enemy by overcharging another enemy who is in stasis.
  • Sashimi: Die via katana.
  • Teamwork: Start a co-op session.
  • Fullchrome: Equip augmentations and upgrade attributes to become Fullchrome.
  • Getting Out of the Slums: Get 200,000 uCreds.
  • Getting Things Done: Complete 1 Side Mission.
  • Comprehensive: Complete the Codex.
  • Curious Consumer: Read 10 Datapads.
  • Fair Trade: Sell something.
  • Tourist: Ride the Interlink Express.
  • Helping Hand: Revive a friend.
  • Hygiene: Use a Sink after flushing a Toilet.
  • Omnihacker: Hack every hackable category.
  • Opportunist: Kill 10 enemies using Exploding Barrel.

Secret Achievements List

  • Protocol 61A: Complete Project MenShen#1.
  • Severed Board: Complete Board Meeting.
  • Something Out There: Complete Project MenShen#2.
  • Nothing Personal: Complete Recompile.
  • Mnemonic Hunt: Complete Foreign Code.
  • A New Friend: Complete Trading Places.
  • Win: Complete all Main Missions.
  • Party Crashed: Complete Mutual Dependencies.
  • Power Hungry: Complete Empowerment.
  • Appreciation: Get Praise from Kira.
  • Data Digging: Complete Data Miner.
  • Next Level AI: Upgrade your IMP.
  • What Just Happened: Complete Arcology Blues.
  • Everyone’s A Smuggler: Complete Trace Protocol.
  • Magenta Power: Complete Syntax Error.