The Pope’s Exorcist starring Russell Crowe is one other a type of ambient motion pictures for me, one thing whose advertisements I will see on Instagram in between lifting movies, advertisements for nootropics, photos of modded Game Boys, and advertisements for meal prep providers. Critically, like a number of the stuff on streaming nowadays, it appears to be like like a pretend film from the Simpsons or 30 Rock, although it does appear to be they have a Dragon Age fan or two on the crew.

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I first observed the swap by means of Kelgrid and Fleur Bleue on Twitter, although WhyNow Gaming factors out that xMoonxCakex on the Dragon Age subreddit clocked this even earlier. It appears to be like like, in the midst of his common exorcising, Russell Crowe workout routines his right to take a look at a spooky crypt tied to the Spanish Inquisition. You’ll be able to inform it is the Spanish Inquisition as a result of that is their image chiselled on the wall, solely they really put the image of the Dragon Age Inquisition up there.

Though the names might sound the identical, the Dragon Age Inquisition was an (arguably) heroic group that saved Thedas from the predations of the evil Corypheus, a primeval Tevinter magister who tried to grab the throne of God. The Spanish Inquisition was an outgrowth of a long-standing Papal establishment that was hijacked by the well-known monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, to ethnically cleanse their newly reconquista-d nation and consolidate their energy. It principally persecuted Spain’s remaining Jews and Muslims whereas torturing individuals who understood that cleanliness helps forestall the unfold of illness (we known as them witches again then).

Kotaku theorizes that this was a results of somebody Googling “Inquisition image” and Dragon Age’s distinctive sword-and-eye being the primary end result, and truthfully? That is fairly believable, simply have a look at a screenshot of the outcomes (from incognito mode no much less!) down beneath. Apart from the cheeky Warhammer 40K one, it is “oops, all Dragon Age.” However I need to give the movie’s manufacturing extra credit score. Absolutely some nerdy set designer slipped this in intentionally? Regardless of the case, the traces between actuality and fiction proceed to blur, with parts of real-life European historical past contaminated and changed with one among Canada’s best cultural exports.

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