Terastal Phenomenon revealed for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Screenshot by Gamepur

Pokemon Presents offered extra perception into what we will anticipate when Pokemon Scarlet & Violet come out on November 18th. One of the large highlights was Pokemon turning into shiny gem variations of themselves throughout battle, which is named the Terastal phenomenon.

During battle, it is possible for you to to pick the Terastallize choice to show your Pokemon into their crystal-like varieties (much like Mega Evolutions or Gigantamax Forms). Your character will delay a stone, and the Pokemon will Terastallize, altering their look as the method completes. Terastallize shall be out there to all Pokemon native to the Paldea area, which already makes it extra versatile than Mega Evolution in earlier video games.

Terastallizing your Pokemon will present a lift to your Pokemon’s sort and strengthen their move energy, in a fashion much like the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) that’s current all through Pokemon video games. The Type will even overwrite a Pokemon’s present sort whereas it’s Terastallized, which might additionally change its weaknesses mid-battle.

Pokemon may also change their sort throughout Terastallizing, which relies on their Tera Type. For instance, Pikachu is generally an Electric sort, however it’s attainable for it to change into a Flying Type when Terastallizing. Eevee was one other instance, having the ability to entry Grass or Water typing with its Tera Type with out having to evolve into Leafeon or Vaporeon. The Tera Type will even decide the looks of a Pokemon, with Eevee sprouting flowers as a Grass Tera Type, but it surely has a crystalline spout as a Water Tera Type.

There wasn’t any data on what a part of a Pokemon determines their Tera Type, but it surely could possibly be random like Individual Values (IVs) or depending on the world that you simply seize them in. From the footage, you have to to acquire an merchandise earlier than the Terastal Phenomenon turns into out there to you, much like acquiring the Key Stone earlier than Pokemon have been capable of Mega Evolve.

There shall be Tera Types for each sort at present out there in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and it is possible for you to to find Pokemon with extra Tera Types as you discover the area. But there is no such thing as a doubt it can change into a strong instrument when battling, and open up extra potential methods when touring across the Paldea area.