Since Tekken 8 was introduced throughout Sony’s State of Play stream in 2022, a bunch of its fighters have been revealed. Fan favourite Jun Kazuma returns, as do Jin Kazama, Nina Williams, and different legacy characters. Like dependable Paul, who has been in each Tekken game because the first—although he is aged alongside the way in which and his hair does not appear to be a tube any extra.

So it is no large shock that the most recent fighter introduced is Hwoarang, the Blood Talon, who Akira-slides his manner onto the stage within the newest reveal trailer on a motorcycle so you realize he thinks he is scorching shit. Hwoarang has appeared in each Tekken game since he was launched in Tekken 3, his rivalry with Jin Kazama enjoying out throughout the collection. A Taekwondo fighter who wears the normal Korean dobok on this trailer, Hwoarang is a kick specialist who appears to be incorporating a few of his previous grasp Baek Doo San’s strikes.

The character revealed earlier than Hwoarang was Lili, AKA Emilie De Rochefort, who made her debut in Tekken 5’s Darkish Resurrection update. A French-speaking heiress from Monaco, Lili road fights as a interest. Her fashion is extra about attain than velocity, and he or she’s received a stable slap in addition to a robust sidestep, in a position to dodge blows as simply as handbook labor. Additionally, I assume she owns a cat now? After all, it is a Siamese.

Here is the total Tekken 8 character listing to this point, and whereas the following King of Iron Fist event does seem to be it is large on returning characters, maybe the brand new blood is being saved for final. Different particulars which have been made recognized to this point embody that Tekken 8 would be the first within the collection with crossplay, and has a brand new battle system that provides everybody a Recoverable Gauge, letting fighters regain health by attacking, and a Warmth System that powers them up for a restricted length.