Kena Bridge Of Spirits
Kena Bridge Of Spirits

To complete the Fishing Shrine puzzle in Kena Bridge of Spirits, players need to purify it. First the player must stand at the base of the Deadzone Heart flower and start the pulse. To do so the player have tolight the candles in the shrine, in a specific order as follows:

  • Top right
  • Bottom left
  • Bottom right
  • Top left

Doing this will then show the order in which you have to shoot your arrow at the four bright blue stones that surround the shrine. Suppose the fishing shrine and the Deadzone Heart are at top then you have to shoot the pillars like this:

  • To the right of the shrine on a mossy rock
  • Behind you, across the river on the left.
  • On the other side of river behind you and to the right, in the dark part of the forest.
  • Left of the shrine, along the water.

Shoot in correct order to create blue sparks every time. However, if the order goes wrong, it will reset. If done correctly, the Heart will open and you can clean it with the Rot.