The DNA of Tchia plays out similarly to many well-known RPGs of the past and present. The story follows the magical journey of the titular character, complete with various quests and activities to explore. It’s an open world that’s filled with fantastic creatures and NPCs that players can fully interact with. It seems like the perfect title for the Nintendo Switch, this marvelous Tchia product by developer Awaceb. It is available for PC and PlayStation platforms, but can we expect it to arrive on the Switch at some point? Will we be able to see both Link and Tchia in our Nintendo libraries? Let’s get into it!

Is Tchia Coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Tchia does not appear to be launching onto the Nintendo Switch system, at least for now. Switch players will have to sit in the bleachers for this one until either Awaceb or publisher Kepler Interactive decides otherwise. Given the game’s scope, though, the potential for expansion is there.

Tchia is Awaceb’s next big title that follows up after the mixed-received Fossil Echo game from 2016. Their properties aren’t necessarily well-known, but folks in the industry know a thing or two about Kepler Interactive. They’re the publishing friends behind some recent titles, such as Sifu and Scorn. These are available on multiple platforms, so perhaps the same approach could be applied to Tchia. This is mild speculation; only time will tell.

Still, Tchia‘s overall release isn’t exactly straightforward, either. It is in hindsight, but the available platforms are a bit tricky to navigate, initially. Right now, Tchia is only available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store. There’s a Steam page for the game, though it’s still “coming soon”, according to the official page. The connection we’re making here is that maybe Tchia is still working out some additional plans behind the scenes, with some players getting to experience it a bit earlier than others.

We have yet to see what may come about, but we can follow the Tchia (Awaceb) Twitter page to stay up-to-date with any new developments.

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