The hotly anticipated Atlas Fallen has revealed particulars of its aerial fight system alongside two new gameplay trailers exhibiting the superior hijinks gamers can rise up to within the air. The game is a brand new epic action-RPG set within the semi-open world of Atlas, where you play as a hero traversing these huge sand-covered landscapes and aiming to take down Thelos, the god who guidelines this place with an iron fist.

Fortunately, there’s one thing up your sleeve: a gauntlet that may be a Swiss military knife of magical methods, prime amongst which is the flexibility to govern the sands that lie all over the place round. The gauntlet can create shape-shifting weapons and use the sands to maneuver the hero round, yeeting them into the skies and granting unimaginable aerial mobility up there, letting you discover the world in a brand new method but in addition making a fight system that is equal elements Satan Could Cry and the Unimaginable Hulk.

Atlas Fallen’s fight is about motion and momentum, with common switches between floor and air underpinning a flowing however heavy-hitting rhythm. The hero’s moveset stays a swish fixed, with particular person strikes that seamlessly transition into each other, permitting the assaults to stay ongoing as you manipulate the sands to maintain your self airborne and dodging enemy offence. Quickly sufficient, air and floor fight will not really feel like various things.

The enjoyment is in experimentation, with the hero able to fast vertical switches and altering the airplane of battle to swimsuit the state of affairs. Primary combos are straightforward to carry out however extra complicated mixtures of the moveset allow you to exploit enemy positions and the environments to devastating impact, crashing into them unseen from above, or whooshing people up with you for an remoted beating. Sure of your weapons, just like the sandwhip, may also be inserted mid-combo to immediately transition between air and floor.

Whereas your airborne talents are unimaginable, you are not Superman: it is the sands that maintain all the pieces afloat, in addition to your air dashes and fight strikes. A part of the enjoyable is in eking out the time within the air, seeing how lengthy you may keep up there zipping round earlier than having to rapidly contact floor and launch once more. Atlas Fallen even contains mechanics that reward aggression with elevated airtime, akin to efficiently hitting wraiths to replenish air dashes.

Mastering airborne fight is the one method you may ever stand an opportunity of reaching Thelos, with it being important to tackle flying enemies and wraiths so gigantic that their weak factors cannot even be focused from the bottom. These bigger wraiths will even endure, being debuffed and shedding talents, as you injure them, so prioritising targets turns into extra essential because the encounters get gnarlier.

Exterior of fight, the world of Atlas is huge and full of secrets and techniques, treasures, items of lore and facet actions all over the place. Getting airborne is usually the one strategy to discover what’s throughout, and the vertical scale of this place and its excessive topography will quickly have you ever awed. Atlas Fallen releases August 10 on PC and consoles, and pre-orders will obtain the bonus DLC Wreck Rising Pack. You’ll be able to sustain with the game on YouTube, Twitter and Fb.