The worlds of comedian books and manga typically collide – however as a rule, it is the latter style that pays homage to the long-lasting franchises and characters that got here from mainstream comedian tradition. This time nevertheless, DC is taking a web page out of considered one of anime/manga’s greatest icons, Naruto, in massive twist reveal of Superman’s new powers!


In Motion Comics #1054, Superman and the Tremendous-Household are taking over the most recent model of Metallo, who has been updgraded in tech and mentally influenced by an unseen hand. Metallo’s important physique has created a military of “drones” which have been terrorzing Metropolis, and Superman and Co. have been doing every part they’ll to comprise the unfold. Superman’s Warworld adoptees Osul-Ra and Otho-Ra get kidnapped by the precise John Corben, so the Man of Metal steps as much as the rescue. As a result of the youngsters are close to and expensive to him, Superman can rapidly isolate their heartbeats and monitor them to Metallo’s base.

When he reaches Metallo’s lair, Superman tries to resason with the supervillain, however Corben is in full mania mode, due to the psychological coercion pushing his psyche. In a rage, Metallo tries to fry Superman with a traditional Kryptonite blast – solely to seek out this is not the identical Superman he as soon as knew.

The latest DC story arc that noticed Superman imprisoned on Warworld had a climatic twist where the crimson solar that was de-powering Superman was countered by a fabric referred to as Genesis discovered beneath Warworld – it not solely restored Superman’s powers, however enchanced them in methods we’re nonetheless studying about, as Motion Comics has unfolded. Motion Comics #1054 reveals one other new capability Superman can manifest, when creates a Naruto Susanoo-style big power avatar to dam Metallo’s kryptonite blasts, and makes use of it beat the villain down – touting the purpose that “typically a bully must know they don’t seem to be as powerful as they assume.”

(Photograph: DC)

Because it seems, Metallo’s massive improve got here by means of Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, who had fitted Corben with a brand new engine core, constructed of an Oprhan Field that was made from Genesis minerals. So Metallo ended up giving Superman one other super-charge, permitting him to create the avatar.

Different powers that Superman has demonstrated since Warworld features a Dragon Ball-style On the spot Teleportation capability. The manga/anime references on the largest mainstream comedian guide hero are superb to see, because the Japanese artform continues gaining worldwide acclaim.

Motion Comics #1054 is on sale at DC.