In elements of the world where it is already January 30, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is already out there—at the least for the keen beavers who pre-ordered the Deluxe Version. Or it must be out there, however in actuality no person can play it as a result of the servers have been taken offline to repair a bug.

The bug in query has been giving “a lot of gamers” full story completion the primary time they log into the game, and lamentably for early entry gamers the repair requires some server upkeep, taking the game offline and rendering it unplayable. 

“We anticipate this to take a number of hours,” reads the tweet from the official Twitter account. 

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Higher that this concern is caught now as a substitute of after the complete launch, although that is unlikely to make gamers who shelled out additional to get early entry very glad. It’s kind of of a purple flag, too, leaving me to surprise what number of different bugs are lurking, ready to power Rocksteady to take the game offline once more. 

The difficulty is exacerbated by the absence of an offline mode. In different video games, the servers going offline can be a minor nuisance, bringing issues like leaderboards and matchmaking down, however not essentially all the game. However Suicide Squad is at the moment online-only, so even in the event you solely care about taking part in via the story, you are still out of luck. 

The excellent news is that an offline mode is coming in a post-launch update, however these types of points actually emphasise the way it ought to have been out there out the gate.