Subnautica below zero
Subnautica below zero

Subnautica greatly changed the type of survival. The underwater survival game itself is a unique environment. The game follows the main character trapped on a mostly submerged alien planet. The underwater world is full of corals, caves and high detail of wild marine life. Although Subnautica has many advantages, the main disadvantage is that there is no multiplayer mode in the game.

Survival games are best for playing with friends, but unfortunately, one of the more unique survival games does not have a multiplayer mode. The fan community couldn’t digest it, and they built a multiplayer game module called Nitrox themselves. Let’s see how to get Nitrox multiplayer in Subnautica.

The Nitrox mod was created by a user named Sunrunner37. To get the mod, players will need to download it from You also need to download Hamachi to create and join the server. After both are downloaded, the installation will be like any other software.

Both Mod and Hamachi can be downloaded safely, so don’t worry. After the installation is complete, launch Subnautica from Steam and you will see a multiplayer option on the main screen. If you encounter any problems during download and installation, please watch this video.

The mod is compatible with Windows and Steam, and also provides you with in-game chat options that can run on various platforms. The developer wants to add a multiplayer game mode, but given the details of the game, this will take a lot of time. This does not seem feasible, especially when they can choose to make a sequel. The details of the game are also the reason why it took so long to build a multiplayer mod.

This mod allows you to explore and build a center with friends. You will not be able to access any missions in story mode. There are some problems with this module, for example, since there are two players, how to double the number of creatures generated. This module is constantly evolving, and Sunrunner37 is working hard to improve it every day, so the daily use experience is more smooth.

Game fans have been looking forward to Subnautica’s multiplayer game mode, but they are also disappointed. Although the Nitrox mod is used with Subnautica, it does not apply to Subnautica’s Below Zero. The developers stated that they are currently focusing on improving the original mod, so don’t expect a Below Zero mod soon.