Subnautica Below Zero
Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica below zero, is a world rich in underwater resources. However, this is only the case if you know where to look. The game environment is very bad and survival is an issue. It will have to withstand this climate and, for this, it will need a stable and fixed habitat. This is where the habitat generator will appear.

To make a habitat builder , you must first find the blueprint to make it. Sometimes these fragments are difficult to find. But we have got your back! In this guide, we’ll help you find the position of “Habitat Builder” in Subnautica: below zero.

Location 1

You will need to get the Habitat Builder fragment first. You only need one fragment to unlock the blueprint. From the pod slightly to the south, walk straight over for about 295 meters. Here, you will swim down the Twisty Bridges to a small base below and then enter the interior. Here you will find a snippet of the habitat generator.

The coordinates are -245, -122, -250.

Location 2

Another place where the “Habitat builder” can be found in “Subnautica” is on Rocket Island. After reaching this small island, your goal is to take any path that leads to the highest rock on the island. There are multiple paths, so players can choose any path at their convenience.

The player must also traverse the cave system on certain paths. Once you reach the top, you will come across the base of Rocket Island. Outside the base entrance, there are two crates on the right. At the top of the box, you will find the “Habitat Builder”.

Location 3

After leaving the base, you will turn slightly to the left and go straight between the north and northeast directions. After hitting the wall, turn right from there and follow the path of the wall until you see the turn. Continue along the wall until you get under the cave-like rock formation and find a dead end.

Make your way upon the land. After reaching land, look for the base where the game originally started. Take the rightmost and last staircase. At the bottom of the stairs, there will be two crates, one of which will place the Habitat Builder on top.