Subnautica below zero
Subnautica below zero

Cotton Anemone is an item used only in two recipes in Subnautica: Below Zero, but despite this, players will eventually need a lot. This is because it is the basic handmade material for items used in some very important recipes, so players will need to stock some young anemones.

The main purpose of this resource is to produce hydrochloric acid, which can be used in other formulations. Players can also use these items to make Aromatherapy lamps, but these are purely decorative items for basic buildings.

Like many items in Subnautica: below zero, players will need to search specific biomes to find young cotton anemones. Once found, the next step is to find out which tool is needed to harvest it. Finally, bringing the item back to the base or Seatruck so that it can be stored or used is often a real challenge.

Young cotton anemones are only found in the Deep Lilypad Caves biome, but thankfully, they do not require any tools to harvest. The easiest way to find this biome is to go to the Pilot Last Known Location tag. From here, drive about 100 meters west-northwest.

At this point, the player must go deep to a depth of about 480 meters to see these small white plants. Just stand up close to the plant and use the “action” button to harvest young anemones. Since these only take up one space in the inventory, players should be able to carry a lot.

To enter this area, players will almost certainly need Seatruck. Thanks to the hostile wildlife, it is very difficult to reach the last known position signal of the pilot, but even with the upgraded oxygen tank, it is difficult for players to have enough chance to try to jump to 480 meters, and that’s not even considering the trip back up. Even Seatruck can’t handle those depths without some upgrades, so players need to fabricate Depth Upgrade Mk 2 before making the trip.

With young anemones, players can make hydrochloric acid. From here, the product can be used to make things like polyaniline, which is an important resource for many vehicle upgrades. This item is needed to craft the Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor and the Seatruck Perimeter Defense Upgrade, and players can even use it to upgrade their fins.