Subnautica Below Zero
Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica: Below zero is more than survival. As players explore the ocean and glaciers, they will discover a series of mysteries, they can try to solve these mysteries, in the hope that each mystery will make them more aware of the fate of the sisters. The seabed contains all sorts of mysterious things, from strange ancient obelisks to all kinds of rare creatures and resources.

When players explore Subnautica: below zero, they will occasionally see a beacon indicating a specific area on the seabed. As long as the player has encountered Marguerit Maida, who first appears before they have to track down the Parallel Processing Unit, when they approach near Purple Vents biome, they will see a beacon labeled “Pilot last known position”.

Players can find the entrance to the cave system along the edge of the Lilypad island and Tree Spiers biomes that border the purple vents. Go to coordinates 102-366-922, which will take you to the secret sea base. To enter the base, the player will need to swim under it and climb over the pool in one of the rooms. This is very deep. Players should make sure that they have enough oxygen at the beginning and regularly recharge them at the oxygen plant found on the way.

The first thing the player needs to do here is to scan Margaret’s Prawn Suit. Then they can venture through the door and face Margaret and her pet “Snow Stalker” for the second time. Once Marguerit is convinced that the player is not against her, as long as the player can prove herself, she will be reasonably willing to provide information.

The main room contains Seatruck’s perimeter defense upgrades, so players need to make sure to pick it up before leaving. In the center of the room, Snowfox vehicle fragments can also be scanned, and a test override module can also be scanned. Finally, players can even scan Snow Stalker pet to add more information to their database.

After the player deactivates the tracking satellite tower that Marguerit wants them to handle, it is worth returning to the base because they will be able to go deeper into the base and scan more objects. There are no new modules or fragments, but players will be able to obtain blueprints for various different building projects.

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