Subnautica below zero
Subnautica below zero

As players travel through the icy depths of Subnautica: Below Zero dangerous waters, they can discover mysterious artifacts, building materials, and some of Subnautica’s most dangerous underwater creatures. Some of the items that players can find are ancient technologies with unknown purposes, such as the two obelisks that can be found.

Ancient Architects Obelisks

At the time of scanning, the purpose of these ancient artifacts are unknown. There are just two of the many ancient architects artifacts in Subnautica: below zero. Based on the strong magnetic field around the two, the scan believed that they might have been used for energy transmission, communication, or scientific instruments for studying the surrounding area. No matter what you use, there are some cool items to find and scan that add depth to the mysterious Planet 4546B.

Subnautica: below zero consists large structures made up of a central obelisk surrounded by four pillars that enter and exit from the central part. Everything glows green, and considering its sheer size, it shouldn’t be difficult to find. Unfortunately, for the player, they are all buried in caves with multiple entrances, so it is difficult to find them despite the brightness and size.

Deep Twisty Bridge Obelisk Location

The first obelisk is located in the Deep Twisty Bridge area of ​​the map. When leaving the Delta Station Beacons, drive northwest for about 350 meters. Since swimming with all these dangerous creatures for long distances in the water, the player may first have to build many Subnautica: “below zero” vehicles that can be made before traveling.

Find the first Twisty bridge named after that location and drive to the right. There will be an Alterra technology site; walk towards it. After arriving at the scene, drive south and look for the cave entrance located below 330 meters. This cave will have the first obelisk at the end.

Arctic Kelp Caves Obelisk Location

Start again from the Delta Station Beacon and swim 600 meters west. The kelp caves will have two large entrances, winding and full of yellow-green plants. These caves are very twisty, with many unexpected twists and turns, but there is actually only one path through them. If the player does not turn around, they will find the obelisk at the end of the cave. Make sure to scan this interesting artifact, because scanning in Subnautica may be useful in the future.