Subnautica Below Zero
Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica: Below Zero, the sequel to Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s underwater survival game Subnautica is out of Early Access this month. The game takes the player back to the ocean world of 4546B, this time at the northernmost point. In order to survive in hostile polar waters, players must search, craft and explore.

Just like in Subnautica, players will spend a lot of time diving deeper to discover the secrets of the earth. The deepest biome in Subnautica: below zero is called the Fabricator Caverns. The Caverns are home to the Fabricator Base, which is a key location in the game. But even for the most prepared underwater explorer, reaching the cave can be a real challenge.

Before players begin any expedition to the Fabricator Caverns, they will need to make sure they are equipped with the appropriate equipment. Owning a compass is essential, and Seatruck is equipped with Depth Mk3 module updates and Perimeter Defense. Starting from the lifepod, the player will need to drive directly to the southeast for about 800 meters. This route should take you through the “Thermal Spires” and “purple vents” biomes until the seafloor drops away sharply.

Turning northeast here, the player must begin to descend vertically through various cave entrances and enter the deepest part of the purple vent biome. At a depth of 325m, the player must turn to the northwest and pass between two purple vents to find the entrance to the Crystal Caves biome. It is easy to get lost in this area, so it is worth leaving a Subnautica below zero beacon at the entrance to mark the road. After entering the crystal cave, the player must stick to the left wall and gradually descend to a depth of about 600m with the bottom of the cave.

Finding the Fabricator Caverns

The Crystal Cave is home to a pair of “Shadow Leviathans”, one of the deadliest marine creatures in the “below zero”. Shadow Leviathans will snatch the player’s Seatruck to attack. Fortunately, the explosion brought about by the upgrade of the perimeter defense is enough to escape. When the player reaches 600m along the left wall of the crystal cave, they will look for three Jade Membrane plants. These plants are located on a low stone ceiling and are marked with a few small purple crystals.

Starting from the jade membrane plant, the player must drive hundreds of meters to the northeast. During this time, they will further descend to approximately 680 m. Eventually, the player should start to discover the big red crystals protruding from the cave wall. These crystals indicate the entrance to the Fabricator Caverns biome. Just follow the crystal to Fabricator’s Base, and then uncover the next mystery in the story of Subnautica: Below Zero.