Subnautica Below Zero
Subnautica Below Zero

There are many huge creatures inhabiting the land and sea in Subnautica: Below Zero, but not all these Leviathans are dangerous. Some, such as majestic whales, show that not everything in the ocean wants to kill humans. The Glow Whale on planet 4546B are the result of common aquatic environmental factors that have triggered convergent evolution, resulting in shapes, sizes, and behaviors similar to cetaceans on earth.

However, they do have some important differences that make them a fascinating group of animals that can be interacted with in the game to better understand life on this ocean planet in a close and personalized way.

Statistics on Glow Whales

  • Category – Fauna
  • Diet – Carnivore
  • Health – 10,000
  • Biomes – East Arctic & Lilypad Islands
  • Length – 30 meters
  • Debug ID – “glowwhale”

How To Interact With Glow Whales

Unlike most Leviathans, where players usually want to stay as far away as possible (unless trying to scan them), you can get close to glowing whales as you like. They may be carnivores, but they only crave fish; on this predominantly aquatic planet, players may be involved in something. Therefore, there are some novel ways to meet and greet the Glow Whale.

Petting a Glow Whale

If someone swims to the Glow Whale’s face, towards an eye, an interactive icon (light blue hand) will appear, indicating that you can do something here. If someone follows the message, the player will start tapping the glowing whale lightly on the head, especially around the eyes.

Riding a Glow Whale

This may be one of the most interesting ways to interact with the natural fauna of planet 4546B. Players can swim over the head of the glowing whale and find another interaction point between its two glowing horns. Activating this will cause the player to put their hands on top of the cetacean’s head as the sea creatures slowly begin to swim. In addition to exiting the interaction, the player cannot drive the glow whale or do anything, but this is a very enjoyable and relaxing way to cruise underwater. Be careful not to neglect your oxygen reserves.