Subnautica below zero
Subnautica below zero

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing a base location in Subnautica below zero, as this will be the residence for the rest of the game. You need to find a safe, resource-rich, and buildable location. There are many other aspects, such as the general area around the location and whether it is possible to build a self-sufficient base, because this will greatly help you survive. Therefore, this is the best location for Subnautica below zero to build your basic building.

Tree Spires Location

This location is basically the midpoint on the map, from which you can visit all important mission locations around. In the tree spires biome, next to the airy garden will be the best place to build a foundation. Yes, it is dangerous because there are creatures there. But if you take this road from the Grand Canyon, you will pass directly under these creatures. This will save you a lot of time trying to travel and finding locations on the map. Not only that, all the precious resources you need for survival will be available at any time around your base, without the need to travel long distances.

South of the Life Pod

Once you get out of the life pod, please drive south for about 20m from there. Here, you will see the intersection of a pair of biomes. Any type of intersection is one of the best locations for constructing a basic building. This is because each biome in Subnautica has its own unique resources and items, which are vital to its survival. Establishing your base here will give you immediate access to all the resources of these specific biomes, not just one biome. Compared to other locations, this location is also very safe, and you can safely enter and exit this location. The basic resources you need in your daily life, such as food, water, etc.

Next to Delta Island

Anywhere on the coast of Delta Island, it is a good idea to place the base building on the sea floor. This location also has direct access to twisty bridges loaded with blueprints and resources, and is the location of a series of missions. You can also use this land to grow thermal power plants and solar panels. Various things in this underground world require energy to function. If you can passively generate energy, your work will be cut in half and your chances of survival will be more specific. In addition, the glacier basin can be easily reached from here, and you can use the nearby land to store some equipment and not crowd out your base.

Near Rocket Island

If you look at the Subnautica map, you will notice that Rocket Island is in the middle of the game map. Obviously, being a middle ground has its own advantages. Compared to any other location, it will be easier to access all other biomes from this location, and direct access to Rocket Island is definitely a huge benefit. There is an active mine below the site, which can provide you with some of the rarest resources and unlimited heat supply from the mine. This will power your base without any grinding.

Twisty Bridges Biome

This biome is one of the most beautiful in Subnautica below zero, so it will provide you with the best underwater options in the world. But, of course, you need more than beautiful houses. There are many resources, including survival basics and rare resources, that can help you stay in the game. The biome is relatively safe and is a place you you will have to be here repeatedly in the game.