Subnautica Below Zero
Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica stood out after news about its well-designed ocean, where players were trapped after the accident. In keeping with the concept of “stranded on an alien planet,” survival games did not provide players with much guidance. Unsurprisingly, this means that new players will make many mistakes in their first adventure. Here are some of the most common ones to avoid.

Going Straight For The Aurora

When players leave their landing pods for the first time, they will notice two things: the huge ocean that surrounds them and the aurora remnants they head to planet 4546B. The game need not say that getting on the ship is a key goal. Many players will start making radiation suits as soon as possible, and swim to the ship as soon as they are finished. However, this is a fatal error.

Carelessly Venturing Into New Biomes

The Aurora is not the only part of the Subnautica map that punishes players who take premature adventures. The game map is divided into several biomes. The farther and deeper the player travels, the more dangerous creatures and environmental hazards they will encounter. One biome that players need to be especially careful about is Crater Edge.

Traveling Light

Since players have to travel a lot in Subantuica, it is easy to develop a bad habit of not preparing for each long trip away from the pod or base. However, this may be a game over error. All four players can kill them when they run out of health bars, so it’s worthwhile to carry enough necessities with you. Players should carry at least one medical kit and bottled water with them to avoid death. It is also important to eat before traveling, because most foods will become inedible if they are not eaten immediately.

Not Setting Enough Beacons

Subnautica takes place in a huge open world almost completely underwater, so it is easy to get lost. Therefore, many people are surprised that the game does not have a map function. Instead, the player will leave a beacon and set a reference point when placing it. This seems to be a convenient option. However, these beacons need to be crafted carefully, so it is a shame to own many of them. Although this can be tedious, players must always carry at least one beacon with them, otherwise they may forget to try to return to a key location.

Odd Base Placement

Like many Subnautica features, players won’t get much guidance on how and where to build a base. Any player will simply build their base next to their pod because they know this is a safe area. However, this is a mistake. Instead, players must establish their bases in far-reaching areas so that they can be close to key locations. In this way, if the player is hunted by predators or needs to reserve basic resources, the base will provide a safe place.

Trying To Fight Leviathans

When players create a survival knife, many people think they will need it to kill aggressive creatures in the late game. Therefore, when players encounter Phantom Reaper or Leviathan, they may think that it is time to pull out their trustworthy weapons and make several attacks, but it turns out that this would be a serious mistake. Most aggressive creatures in the game are extremely difficult to kill, so fighting them usually leads to overwhelming defeat. Players must simply run away when they have the opportunity, rather than fall into a desperate battle.