Spells, magic, the ol’ secret saucery—with a whole lot of magical talents accessible in Baldur’s Gate 3, it is no surprise you’d wish to know easy methods to study new spells. Most of them are acquired by way of levelling, however the wizard class has its very personal OP trait that allows you to transcribe and purchase spells from scrolls that you just discover, including them to your spellcaster’s repertoire.

This successfully enables you to use Gale to pilfer spells from different colleges of magic, and sure, that’s as sturdy because it sounds. The one actual downside is how pricey the method is, contemplating that for those who do not discover the precise scroll, you will have to purchase it, after which pay much more gold to unlock the flexibility. Both method, this is easy methods to study new spells in your wizard in Baldur’s Gate 3.

study new spells and equip them 

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Baldur's Gate 3 learning spells by clicking scrolls

You may study spells by right-clicking scrolls (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 learning spells in the full menu

You may see each scroll accessible to study within the Spellbook menu (Picture credit score: Larian)

Very first thing’s first: in your wizard to study a brand new spell, you are going to want a scroll. Normally, these magical objects present a single cast of that named spell for any of your characters, however as all-round practitioners, wizards can transcribe a scroll and add it to their Spellbook. This consumes the merchandise and prices a sum of gold, however enables you to use the spell every time offered it is ready and you’ve got ample slots. To study a spell from a scroll you have to:

  • Choose your wizard’s portrait and press I to open their Stock, or press tab to open Celebration View after which choose your wizard.
  • Right-click on the scroll you wish to study.
  • In case you can study the spell, the second possibility within the menu will listing the value
  • Merely click on it to amass the spell.
  • Use Put together Spells and un-select a spell to suit your new means in if you need it accessible straight away.

If you wish to see all spells accessible in your wizard to study, press tab for Celebration View, head to the Spellbook, then click on the Be taught Extra spells possibility subsequent to Put together Spells on their character column. This gives a extra in-depth listing of all accessible scrolls you need to use to get spells in addition to what stage they’re. As talked about, buying new spells is pricey, however it’s cheaper if these spells belong to your individual faculty of magic, which is listed on the high of that spell studying menu.