Studio government shares perception on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie adaptation that by no means got here to be

Image through Eidos-Montreal/Square Enix

The debate on whether or not there has ever been a great online game film is alive and properly, however a decade in the past there gave the impression to be one undertaking that would have settled the problem early. Following his hit horror flick Sinister, director Scott Derrickson was deep into making a movie adaptation of the Eidos-Montreal RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution alongside his ongoing inventive associate C. Robert Cargill. While Derrickson and Cargill made important progress on the undertaking, it by no means got here to gentle, as Derrickson needed to depart the movie to direct Doctor Strange.

Scott Kinney, growth government for Prime Universe Productions, who had a hand within the adaptation on the time shared to USA Today that the undertaking shortly fell off after Derrickson and Cargill departed. Following their depart, CBS Films, which was the studio behind the film, was not all for creating it.

“They communicated that Deus Ex wasn’t the kind of film they wanted to make or felt comfortable making, that their overall strategy was shifting from action films like Dwayne Johnson’s Faster, which they had previously financed, to films more like The Duff. Of course, Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill left the project for Doctor Strange and it just died,” stated Kinney.

Kinney offered a prolonged draft to USA Today of the script that was meant for the undertaking for many who are all for digging deep into what may have been.