Alien planet colony survival sim Stranded: Alien Daybreak has dropped a brand new update with a brand new area of the planet to outlive: Saltu, a scorching, moist tropical area that may present solely new challenges to even seasoned survivalists. 

Saltu’s most vicious downside is that it is all the time scorching. Whereas that may sound good—no want for heating gas, nor heavy clothes—it does imply that all the pieces, meals included, rots so much quicker, and protecting cool indoors will eat much more electrical energy than heating ever did. Fairly than winter, you might have a moist season where heavy rainfall will occur regularly, and a summer time dry season, where insufferable warmth can kill your crops. There are additionally vicious new tropical ailments to confront that may solely be stopped by antibiotics, and a spreading blight that kills vegetation until contaminated ones are culled.

Stranded: Alien Daybreak is a colony sim that impressed us on launch final 12 months, one thing between RimWorld, The Sims, and a tower protection. “It by no means actually approaches the depth of a game like RimWorld, however there’s nonetheless loads of complexity within the know-how, base-building, and particularly the administration of my long-suffering little colonists,” mentioned Chris Livingston in our Stranded: Alien Daybreak overview.

For individuals who delight extra within the fight facet of Stranded, tropical Saltu has new insect nests to cope with. These are nasty clusters of the mantis/scissorhand enemies nesting in a single spot, although clearing them out will yield precious provides of silicon. In the meantime, although, there are fewer Shrieker nests to reap carbon from.

To help you in these new challenges now you can drop camp and space flags, in order that survivors may be restricted to working and residing completely in particular areas. However the largest new factor is a collection of superior survival instruments to make use of: Survival equipment bedrolls and rations for journeys outdoors the bottom, harvesting instruments to raised seize crops, and respirator masks for poisonous ash occasions and mud storms. There are additionally new sign flares to gentle up hordes of attacking alien bugs at evening, and the update hints at different instruments for seeing at evening as effectively.

You may learn the complete update notes on Steam, and you’ll find Stranded: Alien Daybreak on Steam for $35, 20% off till July 13,.

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