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Starfield Will Be Locked at 30FPS for Xbox Users


Starfield Will Be Locked at 30FPS for Xbox Users

On: June 21, 2023

The more advanced games get, the more some would consider any sort of lag to be unacceptable. Considering how high-def and humongous Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield is going to be, it’s only natural to expect it to run as smoothly as possible. Although there is a version of the game that can be played at 60 frames per second, it won’t be available on the Xbox. It’s possible that based on a majority of Starfield’s gameplay, it could still perform well with a lower frame rate, but no one will be able to know until it comes out later this year.

Starfield Xbox Version

Starfield Gameplay Trailer

Starfield has been shining quite brightly and not just because it’s a game about traveling the stars, but because of how technically and visually impressive it’s shaping up to be. It’s already been confirmed that the PC version of the game will offer 60FPS and 4K definition for those with computers strong enough to support it. That’s great news for PC players — exactly the type to typically demand high frame rates.

However, according to DSOgaming, Xbox players will have to deal with a lower framerate, currently maxing out at 30FPS. Considering that Bethesda also had a hand in the poorly released Redfall, which suffered from frame rate issues among other things, the developers really need to make sure that one of their biggest launches will at least run better.

Based on the most recent trailer of the game, it just might be able to get away with 30FPS on its console release. The footage depicts the player character, an astronaut, exploring many low-gravity areas from both a first-person and third-person perspective. The various scenarios show the character fighting enemies with melee and ranged weapons as well as bouncing across outer space surfaces and piloting ships through space. The presentation appears to maintain a solid pace that has a chance to look good with more or fewer frames.

After so many years, Starfield is gearing up to release early this September for both Xbox and PC. While those on Xbox will have to manage running it at 30FPS, there’s evidence that this may be more than enough to for players explore the star field.

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