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Starfield Fan Claims To Have Sorted Out All Game Skills


Starfield Fan Claims To Have Sorted Out All Game Skills

On: July 26, 2023

It’s clear how excited people are for Starfield to come out. In fact, some are so excited that they’re already creating support materials before even playing it. The game has released a fair amount of cinematic and gameplay footage to give prospective players an idea of what’s to come. However, there are some very dedicated and thorough fans out there that are taking all that information to reach definitive conclusions. One fan has seemingly figured out Starfield’s in-game skill system a little over a month before actually playing it. Only the game developers and the game itself will be able to fact-check the findings, but so far, the research is impressive.

Starfield Skill System

Bethesda is known for making large and complex games with lots of different mechanics to master that offer players tons of options. Starfield will be the same in terms of allowing players to build and level up their character how they see fit, including arranging points on a diverse skill tree.

Yet, according to PC Gamer and GamesRadar, one fan of the game has supposedly figured out the entirety of the game’s Skill system and all the available skills. The efforts are attributed to a Reddit user named asd8dhd, who is confidently stating that this is how close the community can get to understanding the system before the game launches. If you want to check the user’s findings for yourself, you can read the 44-page document here.

A common practice in modern RPG games, no matter what their setting may be, is the freedom to choose skills as you gain levels. Each level typically grants you a Skill Point which can then be applied to a block on the character’s Skill Tree. As they spend more points, they’ll get more options for new choices or the chance to improve what they’ve already selected. Starfield’s system will likely cover a range of skills for a variety of builds, and asd8dhd believes they’ve compiled enough to help players plan their build in advance.

RPG systems can be so complex to the point where no character builds will be the same, and from what we’ve seen, Starfield will offer a lot of combinations. Thanks to hard-working fans, we may have more than enough prep for the game before going in.