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Starfield Controller Available On Special Discount


Starfield Controller Available On Special Discount

On: July 11, 2023

Whenever a game gets huge, it’s not long before you see a variety of merchandise bearing its name and images. Even though Starfield has yet to be released, so many items and accessories are already in the works to deck the shelves of various retailers. Among them, game-related products stand to be one of the most successful, such as the limited edition Starfield Xbox controller. As luck would have it, it’s currently being offered at a noticeably reduced price — if you know where to look. It’s unknown how limited these controllers are or when we can expect them to be sold out, so it’s best to act fast.

Limited Edition Starfield Controller

Due to Bethesda’s agreement with Microsoft, Starfield will only be playable on Xbox and PC once it launches. That means people should be gearing up their select machines to handle such a big game. Luckily, both will have the option of playing it with an official Starfield Xbox controller.

Though it has been boasting a relatively high price of around $80.00, there is a discount currently available. For now, if you search for the limited-edition controller through the Spain (ES) version of Amazon, you can find the controller at a discounted price of almost 40 percent off. It’s also being sold at the regular price through major outlets such as Amazon US and the Microsoft store, though deals seem to be fluctuating, perhaps due to Prime Day discounts.

Despite the fact that Starfield is Microsoft exclusive, players will be in for very different experiences depending on their platform. On both sides are issues that many people have shown disdain towards: The Xbox version of the game is stuck at 30FPS, while the PC version is limited to the processing power of AMD. Even so, there are ways to make the games more enjoyable on a personal level, and sometimes that means having some flashy accessories, like a detailed controller or a quality headset.

Starfield is going to require a lot of time to make a dent into its vast universe, but it still stands to be quite the experience. With Amazon ES offering the limited edition Starfield controller at a lower price, experiencing it that way has become at least a bit more accessible.