Starfield backgrounds allow you to think about the inevitable prequel sequence concerning the youthful model of your character who could be performed by a teen pop star or one thing, and all of the adventures they went on that made them who they’re as we speak.

I am a giant fan of this type of character creation, from the Origins of Dragon Age: Origins to the extremely detailed life path system within the Burning Wheel tabletop RPG. 16 Starfield backgrounds have been named thus far, which have an effect in your beginning talents and might even open up new dialogue in some instances.

(Picture credit score: Bethesda)

All Starfield Backgrounds we have seen thus far

Beast Hunter

We do not know a lot about this one but, aside from a brief clip by which a quest-giver is extra keen to rent you to take care of a pest downside primarily based in your background. Added harm in opposition to alien creepy-crawlies appears doubtless.


That is one other one we have solely seen on a listing. Usually a bouncer wants to have the ability to make rowdy drunks assume twice about inflicting hassle, and intervene bodily if essential. So I am guessing it’s going to include some buffs to intimidation and unarmed fight.

Bounty Hunter

This can be a doubtlessly very fascinating one we do not know a lot about but. Together with Area Pirate, Smuggler, and Area Cowboy, it is likely one of the Core 4 Area Outlaw Fantasies described by Plato, and I might love the prospect to get to chase some ne’er-do-wells to the far ends of nowhere to pay my payments. We have not seen something like an Investigation ability but, so I am unsure what is going to make this background distinctive by way of talents.


I really like that Starfield is letting us come from a background that does not appear to lend itself to a blaster-wielding sci-fi hero or intrepid exoplanet explorer. One clip highlighting this background mentions the crew is taking bets on which critic you pissed off to encourage your radical change of careers. I really like little particulars like that.


  • Gastronomy: You may craft specialty food and drinks, and analysis further recipes at a Analysis Lab.
  • Dueling: Melee weapons do 10% extra harm.
  • Wellness: Instantly acquire 30 factors of health.

Fight Medic

The primary military-oriented profession we have seen thus far, and doubtlessly a helpful one if the companion AI in Starfield is as unconcerned with self-preservation because it was in Bethesda’s previous video games. Maintaining your companions, and your self, in good health is all the time a helpful expertise.


  • Pistol Certification: Pistols do 10% extra harm.
  • Drugs: Med Packs heal 10% extra.
  • Weight Lifting: Enhance whole carrying capability by 10 kg.

(Picture credit score: Bethesda)

Cyber Runner

For those who did not get sufficient hacking, slicing, DDOSing, and carrying cool shades in Cyberpunk 2077, I believe you have come to the fitting place. Nearly all the pieces in house has a pc on it, so I count on we’ll be capable of get loads of mileage out of being a serious cybersecurity threat in all places we go. I am unsure where these social expertise are coming from, although.


  • Pistol Certification: Pistols do 10% extra harm.
  • Safety: You may try and hack Superior locks, and two auto makes an attempt might be banked.
  • Persuasion: Achieve an elevated likelihood of success on speech challenges.


Whereas the Cyber Runner was getting mad, mad motion being such a rebellious iconoclast on-line, it looks as if the Cyberneticist truly went to high school and discovered some authorized, sensible functions for his or her technical proficiency. Which primarily interprets, in your present job, to figuring out where to shoot a robotic to interrupt it.


  • Drugs: Med Packs heal 10% extra.
  • Robotics: You deal 10% extra harm to Robots and Turrets.
  • Lasers: Laser weapons do 10% extra harm.


This is sort of a Bouncer who wears costlier garments and would not usually hit individuals within the face. The stakes are additionally a bit greater, often. But it surely’s mainly the identical concept. You bought referred to as in when fools have been wildin’ out to hopefully hold issues from coming to blows.


  • Persuasion: Achieve an elevated likelihood of success on speech challenges.
  • Diplomacy: You may pressure a goal NPC at or beneath your stage to cease combating for some time.
  • Bargaining: Purchase objects for five% much less and promote for 10% extra.


This looks as if the Default Protagonist background for Starfield. Explorer is the one you choose for those who’re not likely certain, otherwise you’re petrified of expressing your self because of the inherent vulnerability of doing so. Okay, that is a bit of harsh. Given what you will spend loads of your time in Starfield doing, it is most likely a reasonably sturdy place to begin.


  • Lasers: Laser weapons do 10% extra harm.
  • Astrodynamics: The in-game description for that is actually esoteric and unhelpful, nevertheless it sounds prefer it most likely has one thing to do with plotting jumps between methods successfully and effectively.
  • Surveying: Once more, we acquired a bizarre and unspecific description within the trailer, however I consider this has one thing to do with scanning rocks and vegetation and alien bug monsters and stuff. We all know you’ll be able to promote that knowledge, so this might be a great money-making ability.


The remainder of these are all nonetheless a thriller aside from the names. Gangsters are usually good at roughing individuals up and shaking them down for his or her cash. It might be particularly fascinating if this got here with a felony document which may come again to chew you later. And even worse, a life you left behind filled with different gangsters who do not take kindly to seeing you’re employed with Constellation.

(Picture credit score: Bethesda)


Somebody who has tried to make a life away from the primary human colonies most likely has related expertise to an Explorer, however could be a bit extra rugged. I would not be shocked in the event that they’re higher than the common participant character at coping with aliens.


Tim Curry tried to flee to the one place that hadn’t been corrupted by capitalism: SPACE! Now you have ruined that, you jerk. I’d count on this one to come back with some good digs, the flexibility to barter, and an aloof disdain for the house welders and house janitors who make our complete house society work.

Lengthy Hauler

You are an area trucker. Your life is simply you, your synthwave butt rock, and lightyears of the empty black stretching out like I-80 operating by an unoccupied stretch of Nevada at the hours of darkness hour of midnight. You want your brews. You do not like individuals asking why you place lipstick on the robotic. Most significantly: you are free.


The truth that that is separate from Homesteader actually emphasizes the non secular facet. And we all know there are a number of religions in Starfield. We even acquired to see a quest where a bunch of pirates might be talked out of attacking you for those who comply with the identical religion as them. It is nonetheless unclear whether or not it is possible for you to to have comically outsized buckles in your house footwear.


A sensible man, huh? Nothing thus far has indicated what you’re a professor of, so I think about this may include a broad set of sciencey expertise. Starfield’s fundamental quest apparently has one thing to do with alien artifacts, so it is totally attainable that is extra of an Indiana Jones scenario happening, versus a man who writes self-help books and goes on podcasts to complain about postmodernism or one thing.


Historically a reputation for a masterless samurai in feudal Japan, additionally utilized in many futuristic settings to explain a sure number of rebellious badass who sometimes has an ankle-length leather-based jacket and a sword. Within the considerably extra grounded “NASA-punk” world of Starfield, that is most likely a time period meaning one thing just like “mercenary.” I hope you continue to get a sword, although.