Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

Squid Ink was originally included into the Stardew Valley with the release of the 1.4 version in 2019. In this guide we will learn about how to acquire Squid Ink and what it’s used for.

How to get Squid Ink in Stardew Valley

Squid Ink may be obtained at The Mines, which is located in the northern region of the map adjacent to the mountains. The Squid Kid and its sunglasses form, have a 20% chance of dropping Squid Ink. You can play through levels 80 to 120, to increase chance of getting these monsters. The Squid Kid variant will emerge only if the player has the Shrine of Challenge activated.

Fish ponds, can be a source of Squid Ink too. Squids and Midnight Squids both create Squid Ink, however the latter has a possibility of creating two instead of one.

Stardew Valley Squid Ink Uses

Squid Ink is a neutral gift for everyone except Elliott.

The Midnight Dog Jacket is a piece of apparel that can only be made using the sewing machine if the player has Squid Ink in their inventory.

It can also be used in two cooking recipes: Seafoam Pudding and Squid Ink Ravioli.