Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

Throughout your journey in Stardew Valley, you will find special artifacts and minerals that can be used or donated to the Pelican Town Museum. As you continue to give away these items for display, the idea of ​​rearranging the collection will eventually appear. But what is the best way to design museum collections?

Organizing your museum collection can be done in two simple steps: separating the minerals from the artifacts and sorting the objects by color and texture. Depending on which side of the museum you want them to be, you can arrange them through color coordination. Artifacts are more distinctive, so the best way to distribute them is through color and appearance.

A good method of arranging items is in groups: scrolls, tools, skeleton parts, dolls, weapons, fossils, and any other remaining rare pieces. After putting them together, you can rearrange them until both sides of the museum are the same: one for minerals and one for artifacts.

Minerals can be obtained in many ways. You can find them in mines, skull caves, nodes, and treasure chests. You can also receive them as gifts from the villagers. For artifacts, you can find them at any artifact point with a hoe in your hand.

There is also dirt spots in mines and skull caves, which may contain artifacts. In addition to these areas, destroying artifact troves and bone nodes is another way. Of course, you can always kill some monsters.