Everything has a purpose in Stardew Valley. The villagers live their day-to-day lives while magical occurrences go on right beneath their feet. While they may choose to ignore most of it, you’re the brave soul who seeks action and adventure. But what if you need an incredible resource that is capable of producing some worthwhile items, like the Deluxe Scarecrow and the Desert Warp Totem? We’re referring to Iridium, mainly concerning its respective Ore. Luckily, Iridium Ore is located in more than one area within Stardew Valley. Where can I start, you may ask? Here’s our brief guide to acquiring Iridium, along with its potential productive properties.

How to Get Iridium in Stardew Valley

Villagers in Stardew Valley can find Iridium Ore by breaking apart Iridium Nodes, Magma Geodes, Mystic Stones, and Omni Geodes. That’s the basic and standard approach to obtaining this resource. Alternatively, you can obtain it throughout a few sections of the game, including the Fish Pond, within the Mines, and the Skull Cavern. Additionally, the Statue of Perfection wonderfully generates 2-8 Iridium Ore per day after fully tending to Grandpa’s Shrine with the four candles.

One last option that you can fall back on is the ever-so-dependable Traveling Cart. Evidently, the stock changes every time the Traveling Merchant shows up, which is highly advantageous for times when you need to find more rare resources in the Valley. Just be sure to visit him from time to time; there’s a good chance that he’s selling the item in question for 300-1,000g.

Now, once you’ve got your Iridium Ores, you can then smelt 5 of them with 1 Coal in a Furnace to produce an Iridium Bar. With the newly-created item, you’ll be able to craft a wide variety of Iridium-based products. From handy Pickaxes and Watering Cans to even an advanced Sprinkler, the choice is yours. Think of it as a gigantic upgrade for some of your tools; not many Iridium Bars are needed for each item, but it’s vital to mine for the Ores whenever you get the chance.

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