If you’ve played Stardew Valley before, you know all too well that you’ll spend the majority of your time gathering resources in order to advance deeper into the game. While this is part of the fun, some of the more valuable resources required in the late game are extremely difficult to obtain. One that’s posed a challenge for many players is the Dragon Tooth. This item is one of the rarest and most difficult to obtain, which is why we outline all the ways to get it below.

How to Get a Dragon Tooth in Stardew Valley

There are three ways to get a Dragon Tooth in Stardew Valley, all of which revolve around Ginger Island. You need to have this island unlocked first, which you can do by completing The Community Center storyline. After completing this storyline you’ll get some mail to repair Willy’s boat. After you’ve repaired his boat, you can use it to set sail to Ginger Island and get yourself a Dragon Tooth.

Once you’ve set foot on Ginger Island, you can find dragon teeth within Volcano Dungeon, which sits on the northernmost part of the island. You’ll come across giant skeletal remains in this dungeon that are none other than dragon bones. Dragon teeth have a possibility of spawning around these skeletons. Furthermore, this dungeon has ten floors, each of which has a chance to spawn a dragon skeleton and, with it, a Dragon Tooth. Or, up to three if you’re lucky.

There’s also a 15% chance that a Dragon Tooth will drop when you kill a Lava Lurk. You can find these monsters swimming in the lava pools of Volcano Dungeon. When you kill one, the items they drop will automatically go into your inventory. So don’t think you have to jump into the lava to retrieve it.

The last way to get a Dragon Tooth in Stardew Valley is from Fish Ponds. However, your pond must have at least nine stingrays in it, to grant a 5% daily chance for a Dragon Tooth to spawn in the chum bucket. You can farm for stingrays from Pirate Cove on Ginger Island. You unlock Pirate Cove after you finish building the Island Resort.

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