The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor perks are a system that allows you to add buffs to Cal in fight so you possibly can tune his playstyle, and enhance whichever lightsaber stance you favor. Should you like the brand new blaster stance, you then would possibly wish to buff his ranged harm, or should you get pleasure from flinging stormtroopers round with drive powers, it’s possible you’ll favor to make use of them to bolster your lightsaber harm.

There are many perks and so a number of potentialities when it comes to defining Cal’s fight. Perks are discovered all through the game in Meditation Chambers, from focusing sure essence factors, and there is even a vendor you possibly can unlock who sells them to you. So, here is each Star Wars Jedi: Survivor perk I’ve discovered up to now, the way to unlock them early on, in addition to the quickest approach to get further perk slots.

Easy methods to unlock perks

You may get a perk early by beating the Rancor in Sodden Grotto (Picture credit score: EA)

You may unlock the perk system as soon as you discover your first, which is feasible as quickly as you arrive on Koboh. The primary perk you will get is Shatter from defeating the Rancor within the Sodden Grotto simply earlier than you arrive on the Rambler’s Attain outpost. From the Rambler’s Attain meditation, you may spot an NPC at a workbench close by, and talking to them ought to mark the location for the grotto in your map as a rumor. If not, comply with the directions within the record beneath. Should you’re fighting the Rancor, you will get the Resilience perk within the story while you discover and free Zee the droid underneath Rambler’s Attain.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor perk areas

You primarily get perks from Excessive Republic Meditation Chambers (Picture credit score: EA)

There are a selection of locations you will get perks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, together with Meditation Chambers, buying them from Zee with Datadiscs, and you will even get some from essence factors in sure areas. Here is each perk I’ve discovered up to now out on the earth:

  • Shatter (Assaults are simpler at breaking guard): You get this after defeating the Rancor boss within the Sodden Grotto close to Rambler’s Attain. To get there, head left up the vines from Rambler’s Attain meditation, then look left for the mine entrance.
  • Resilience (Will increase block meter): Through the story while you free Zee within the Chamber of Duality, she’ll show you where that is.
  • Dexterity (Lightsaber throws deal extra harm): Get this from the Chamber of Cause within the Basalt Forest. From Basalt Rift meditation, head throughout the shortcut, up the hill, and right throughout the damaged bridge to search out the doorway.
  • Fellowship (BD carries an additional stim, however stims solely reset at relaxation): Get this from the Chamber of Readability within the Untamed Downs. After getting a Nekko mount, from Untamed Downs meditation, head again out the cave and look to the left for 2 collapsed arches and a few vines you possibly can attain with the Nekko to climb and discover the doorway.
  • Precision (Parry timing is shorter however Cal offers extra harm when he does): Discovered within the Stone Spires while you head there throughout the story. Whereas utilizing the volcanic vents to succeed in the highest of the Devastated Settlement, clear the Koboh matter close to to the doorway of the third island you land on after unblocking the second vent.
  • Marksmanship (Cal offers extra harm with blaster): Additionally within the Stone Spires. From the Grand Courtyard meditation, head by way of the constructing, unlock the shortcut, then climb onto the tower to your right to search out this.

Listed below are additionally the perks you will get from Zee’s store when you unlock it while you return from the Forest Array. Every perk prices 5 Datadiscs: 

  • Equilibrium (Pressure assaults enhance lightsaber harm)
  • Versatility (Deal further harm briefly after switching stance)
  • Knowledge (Acquire extra XP from enemies)
  • Elixir (Therapeutic stims additionally present tremendous power)
  • Flux (Regen drive however smaller meter)
  • Steadfast (Soak up one hit with out interruption whereas sprinting)

Easy methods to get extra perk slots

Zee sells each perks and perk slots for Datadiscs (Picture credit score: EA)

Whereas I am certain there are different strategies, most definitely sure Meditation Chambers, the quickest approach to get new perk slots is to buy them from Zee the droid with Datadiscs. You may unlock her as a vendor as soon as you come from the Forest Array and go to the mounted Mantis, when she’ll take up a everlasting place on the higher ground of Pyloon’s Saloon. You may get Datadiscs in Excessive Republic ruins, such because the Forest Array, within the Stone Spires, or on the Shattered Moon, and there is additionally normally one in every Meditation Chamber.