You could find Star Wars Jedi: Survivor outfits littered throughout the complete game if you understand where to look. In fact, you would possibly need to prioritise discovering extra sensible collectibles like Health Stims or perks earlier than you flip your consideration to Cal’s look, however buying some cool garments to jazz up your Jedi can be a worthwhile pursuit.

In addition to full outfits, you may additionally discover separate clothes gadgets, resembling jackets, shirts, and pants. There are additionally totally different supplies to be discovered, which may then be utilized to the totally different features of your wardrobe. In case you actually need to change Cal’s look, you can even alter his hair and beard, however if you happen to’d slightly persist with garments, listed here are the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor outfits we have discovered up to now, in addition to find out how to equip them.

Dredger Gorge outfit places

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Derelict Dam 

  • Tactical Jacket: After the Derelict Dam mediation and with the dam to your right, head forwards and left to search out the curler mines spawn. Head previous them and into the tunnel past to discover a sliceable chest. You may seemingly get this one once you first head via the world.

Rambler’s Attain outfit places

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Hunter’s Quarry 

  • Hunter Jacket: From the Rambler’s Attain meditation, head left up the vines and observe the path as much as the left. Earlier than you attain the highest, bounce left up onto the outcrop of cliff to discover a huge monster and a chest with this inside.
  • Bomber Jacket: From Rambler’s Attain meditation, head left up the vines, then observe the left path to the far finish of Hunter’s Quarry where the Gorgers are. Observe them via the narrowing opening into their den to search out the chest on the finish.

Swindler’s Wash 

  • Tactical Pants: From the Swindler’s Wash meditation, head up the path, and go left right into a cave earlier than popping out above by the chest.
  • Tactical Shirt: From the Swindler’s Wash meditation, head throughout to the other aspect of the gorge where the massive door resulting in Basalt Forest is, then head in the other way to discover a chest on a ledge just a little additional on.

Rambler’s Attain Outpost 

  • Tactical (materials): On the roof of the constructing reverse Pyloon’s Saloon.. Soar up by the home with all of the robotic eyes that come out of it.
  • Scrapper outfit: Within the basement of Pyloon’s Saloon, within the chest after you get up.
  • Doma’s Store: You may get Corsair Jacket, Outrider Jacket, Frontier Jacket, Bandolier Jacket, Commander Shirt, Frontier Shirt, Outrider Shirt, Coaching Shirt, Frontier Pants, and Outrider Pants from her retailer after you rescue Zee in Rambler’s Attain.

Fort Kah’lin 

  • Poncho outfit: Discovered within the chest after defeating Spawn of Oggdo boss in Fort Kah’lin on the higher ranges. From the Fort Kah’lin meditation, bounce as much as the walkways with the droids straight forward, and observe them round to search out the coaching area with the droids where you drop within the boss enviornment.
  • Bomber Shirt: In Fort Kah’lin, inside a chest within the hangar behind the battledroid troop provider.

Basalt Forest outfit places

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Basalt Rift 

  • Hunter Shirt: From Basalt Rift meditation, bounce throughout the hole to where the droids are preventing stormtroopers, then enter the cave and climb down vines to a chest hid beneath the platform.
  • Hunter Pants: From the Basalt Rift mediation earlier than you have unlocked the shortcut, hold heading via till you slide down the slope and discover the Bilemaw, then kill it to get to the chest behind.

Bilemaw Den 

  • Tactical (materials): From the Bilemaw Den meditation, discover it in a chest behind the tents within the camp where the imperials are with the sleeping Bilemaw.

Forest Array 

  • Hunter (materials): From the Forest Array meditation, head left in direction of the Koboh barrier, then grapple throughout the Koboh mud on the left to see a chest across the aspect of the constructing

Bygone Settlement 

  • Wanderer Jacket: From the Bygone Settlement meditation, wall run straight forward to the grate, climb to the higher stage, and use drive to push the wall out. Run throughout that, and hold climbing till you attain the highest stage with a chest.

Historical Ruins outfit places

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Monastery Partitions 

  • Wanderer Shirt: Head left from the Monastery Partitions meditation, following the wall to the far left nook, then slide down the slope to the proper and grapple onto the higher stage of that room. Soar throughout the pillars to the far aspect where the chest is.

The way to equip outfits

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If you wish to change out Cal’s garments, head to the Customization tab on the menu display screen, then hit the area bar to see all of the choices. Scroll down the left-hand menu to search out jackets, shirts, or pants. As soon as you have chosen one, you should use A and D to scroll via the totally different ones, and the color swatches beneath will let you customise the clothes merchandise additional. After getting your required look, press area once more to equip it.