A brand new Star Ocean: The Divine Force Mission Report video has been shared on-line, displaying extra on the upcoming subsequent entry within the sequence by tri-Ace.

The new report, which could be watched beneath, offers a brand new take a look at a number of the game’s villains and gameplay methods, similar to expertise, the D.U.M.A. coaching mechanics, and extra.

STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE will transport gamers to an expansive sci-fi world.

Discover extra concerning the Villains, New Buddies, Skills & Actions on this third Mission Report.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force launches on October twenty seventh on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. You can study extra concerning the upcoming JRPG with the overview beneath:

[Fly Around Areas Freely]

In STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE, characters can freely move in 360° levels and roam the skies.

[Move and explore freely in three dimensions: everything you see can be explored!]

You can move in three dimensions while flying across the largest atmosphere ever.

Whether you’re flying round and exploring rockfaces and roofs of buildings within the metropolis, or leaping off cliffs to seamlessly enter battles, you’ll have extra freedom by way of each adventuring and battling.

[The Fastest and Strongest Action of any in the Series.]

While the game provides you with area to play as you please, the scope of its battles has additionally advanced.

Characters can subdue a lot of enemies with tremendous high-speed motion assaults, particular skills where you may vanish for a short second from right in entrance of your enemies’ eyes, and a ability which may kill in a single hit!

This game will characteristic a difficult but thrilling battle expertise to take pleasure in whereas freely hovering within the skies.

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