Splitgate is a first-person shooter game, and smooth running of the game is essential. Not all game systems are fully compatible with games, so to help those who are not compatible, this guide will help you. Below are the best PC and controller settings for how to improve Splitgate’s FPS issues.

Video Settings:

  • Display Mode: Fullscreen
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 (Or the Highest one you have)
  • Resolution Scale: 100 to 90
  • FOV: 100
  • Frame Rate: Keep it same to your Monitor Refresh Rate.
  • VSYNC: Off


  • Except for “VIEW DISTANCE, PORTAL QUALITY, PORTAL FRAME RATE”, keep all options low.

Other options:

  • Enable Blood: Off

With high FPS, your game will be smoother and you will be able to react to enemies faster. At lower FPS, your game will perform abnormally and your shooting will not be great. These are the settings best recommended to help improve game performance and increase FPS.