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Game of the Year 2022

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Along with our predominant Game of the Yr Awards 2022, every member of the PC Gamer staff is shining a highlight on a game they cherished this yr. We’ll publish new private picks, alongside our predominant awards, all through the remainder of the month.

Good grief, one other two-bit Darkish Souls clone. Save the Nioh collection, I will not even contact them anymore. The Surge? Meh. Mortal Shell? Could not address it. What else is there? I’ve forgotten all of them. All besides one, actually: Steelrising.

If somebody tries to let you know that Steelrising is not a clone, they’re having amusing. It is all about deliberate hand-to-hand fight, fixed stamina administration, foes that conceal behind corners, and tight, interlocking stage design. It has scant, well-earned checkpoints, and it rewards exploration. It is developed by Spiders, the French studio liable for Greedfall, Mars: Conflict Logs, and a bunch of different RPGs. I daresay they thought of Steelrising a canny enterprise move as a result of Soulsborne is all the fashion. However the studio had its work minimize out for it: whereas I love Spiders and different purveyors of ambitiously advanced eurojank, it by no means appeared like a good suggestion for them to tackle one thing so action-focused.

However Steelrising transcends its standing as a clone. For one, this speculative rendition of late 18th century Paris is weird, atmospheric, and completely in contrast to the rest I’ve seen in a contemporary blockbuster videogame. So far as Soulsbornes are normally involved, there are two potential modes by which to inform a narrative: fantasy or sci-fi. Other forms of tales or settings merely don’t exist, and presumably, if somebody instructed builders of Soulsborne video games that other forms of tales do exist, it would set off an LSD-level epiphany.

After all, Steelrising is vaguely sci-fi, but it surely would not lean on the identikit vibes of most sci-fi blockbusters. It is a reimagining of the French Revolution, besides the bastard king of France, Louis XVI, has a military of hectic automatons at his disposal. How do the plenty win liberty, equality, fraternity, when murderous robots are right here to cease them? I do not know, truly —I kinda zoned out of the story after some time. The playable character is an automaton too, her title is Aegis, and he or she’s a guard for Queen Marie Antoinette. Aegis is smarter and stronger than many of the different robots, thank goodness, as a result of it is her job because the robo-slave to the monarchy to go and do the bidding of the ruling class. A revolutionary, she ain’t.

The story was OK—so far as I can keep in mind—but it surely’s the setting that has caught with me. I’ve performed about two dozen videogames in 2022, and barely keep in mind any of them. I did not particularly love the moment-to-moment expertise of enjoying Steelrising—the fight is competent, however nowhere close to as swish as Nioh or Elden Ring—however I used to be fully engrossed in its barely skewed tackle revolutionary Paris. I endured this in any other case OK game, as a result of it has genuinely participating world constructing. It’s bravely distinctive: it dares problem the notional “common gamer” to dream in colors absent from the palette of most different video games.

Steelrising screenshot

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The enemies weren’t heaps enjoyable to battle however I cherished watching them. These lumbering, robotic anti-revolutionaries move with a deliberate uncanny gait that is harking back to that traumatising childhood basic, Return to Oz. The robots in Steelrising are genuinely discomforting, in a means I have not actually skilled since these dang androids in Alien Isolation. 

There aren’t many video games that I will play by due to their setting alone, however Steelrising, I did. Divorced from its good artwork course and world idea, it barely scrapes over the road as a reliable Souls clone, but it surely jogged my memory that a very long time in the past, earlier than I grew to become a center aged man with a job and never a lot spare time, I’d fortunately endure a scrappy game if the expertise it provided was distinctive. Stuff like Dangerous Mojo, or Strife—each are very bizarre, flawed, bold video games that provided an odd and distinctive view on their respective genres. 

Steelrising is healthier than each of these, but it surely hits the identical barely articulable spot, where a studio units about making a game in a really acquainted style however decides: we’ll indulge our whims and screw you all. It is because of this that Steelrising will probably follow me for longer than the rest I performed in 2022.