Demons play a vital position in Soul Hackers 2, as you’ll be able to make the most of their powers when preventing towards enemies. Stronger demons grant you larger stats throughout battles, and you may improve them by leveling these mystic creatures together with you. Besides, you too can fuse them to generate new and stronger demons.

This guide will show you learn how to fuse demons in Soul Hackers 2. You can even discover ideas that can assist you grasp this game mechanic and have one of the best allies able to struggle with you all through the story.

How to Unlock Demon Fusion in Soul Hackers 2

Victor's Cirque du Goumaden in Soul Hackers 2

The capability to fuse demons gained’t be accessible from the start of the game, as it will likely be unlocked as you progress by way of the principle storyline. Fortunately, it gained’t take lengthy, and Arrow will deliver you to the Roppo Realm after only a few hours because you began enjoying. Here, he’ll introduce you to Victor, a person of science that runs the Cirque du Goumaden and is aware of learn how to fuse demons.

After you enter the construction, you’ll get the prospect to speak with Victor and, most significantly, to fuse demons. Select Fusion from the menu and select between the three accessible choices.

How Demon Fusion Works

how to fuse demons in soul hackers 2

Demon fusion enables you to mix a number of demons to generate a brand new, extra highly effective ally. You have completely different strategies to carry out a demon fusion in Soul Hackers 2. The best and quickest means is to test the really helpful fusions displayed on the right of the display. These solutions from Victor show one of the best three choices with the demons you could have at your disposal. You can entry it by pressing the corresponding button in the principle menu. Then, you solely want to substantiate, select the abilities you wish to inherit, and the fusion will occur.

However, if you wish to select the demons that can be fused, you’ll be able to choose between three choices from the Fusion menu. These are Normal, Search, and Special Fusion. We are going to research every one beneath. Remember that you may’t generate a brand new demon that has a better stage than Ringo’s.

Normal Fusion

It is the usual type of fusion and allows you to select two demons you wish to mix out of your inventory. Before doing that, you’ll be able to test every demon’s info, together with affinities, stats, and accessible abilities. After you choose two appropriate demons, you’ll be able to affirm your selection and proceed.

Search Fusion

This is our most well-liked choice to carry out demon fusion. It enables you to set particular search standards and test all of the potential combos accessible with the demons in your inventory. You can choose clear filters to search out the allies that finest fit your wants and carry out the fusion. A number of examples:

  • Unobtained Demons: by activating this filter, you’ll solely see demons that haven’t been acquired but.
  • Desired Race: you’ll be able to select the precise race you need.
  • Minimum Level: you’ll be able to set this filter to select from demons of the required stage or larger.

Special Fusion

This sort of fusion can be utilized to acquire demons that may’t be created through commonplace Normal Fusion, corresponding to Satan or Mara. Some Special Fusions require three or extra demons to be carried out. Demons not registered within the Compendium can be displayed with a query mark.

Demon Fusion and Skills

Skills to select when fusing demons in Soul Hackers 2

When fusing demons, you’ll be able to choose the abilities that the brand new demon will inherit from the bottom ones. To at all times get the very best choices, it is best to register your demons within the Compendium commonly.

When doing that, you’ll overwrite their base stats with up-to-date information, so it’s important to register demons commonly after you could have leveled them and purchased new abilities, even when it prices you some cash. This means, it is possible for you to to pick out the newer and highly effective abilities you could have unlocked throughout your journey moderately than the bottom ones.

You also can get new demons by forging contracts with them. We clarify the whole lot intimately in our guide about recruiting demons in Soul Hackers 2.

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