The crafting system in Sons of the Forest is actually fairly complex, compared to many survival-craft games. Creating actual supplies and tools can be rather difficult, which makes sense. We are lost in a deserted forest, after all, so making some items should probably be more difficult. However, there is a method to creating some plastic-quality items in this game, and that is the 3D printer. Let’s figure out where the first one is, where others are located, and why you might want to find them sooner rather than later.

Where to Find 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest

The first 3D printer in Sons of the Forest is located on the western side of the continent, beneath the river that splits it in half. It is located about halfway between that area’s beach and the small lake that splinters into four rivers. Your GPS will show a green, pulsing sign when you get close, and you’ll see two caves nearby. Head inside of the nearby dark tunnel to enter a bunker, which will hold the printer and plenty of interesting items.

The 3D printer is a simple little white apparatus on a desk. Interacting with the computer, and placing some Printer Resin into it, will allow you to craft specific items. Interacting with the printer will pay the cost of the resin and create the item. You can cycle through items with “reload.”

Of the printable items, make a Flask immediately. It only costs 100 ml and it’ll vastly improve quality of life while you travel. The Grappling Hook improves the quality of your Rope Gun, and the Red Mask can randomly prevent islanders from attacking you.

Be sure to explore the bunker before you leave. There are a few doors that require different access levels, such as Guest, Maintenance, and VIP down here. There are also a few clothing items and weapons to collect.

There are other 3D printers on the island, including one by the Northwest river. However, they tend to be harder to get to, and require more expensive tools, like the Shovel, to access. In addition, they actually do not provide additional craftable items: You’ll only get the additional items in the bunker itself.

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