It’s not easy to make a video game mascot that endures the test of time. Fortunately, the fan favorite Blue Blur refuses to quit. Sonic the Hedgehog is gaining popularity with the recently released Sonic Frontiers, which the developers claim will set the bar for future games. The start was rocky, as Sonic has always had a mixed reception when it comes to 3D games. However, this latest title has started to earn the praise of critics and players alike. Now its seems that Sonic’s future is quite clear.

Sonic Frontiers Represents The Future of Sonic Games

Sonic Frontiers was first announced to a curious but still cautious audience just over a year ago. Now that it has been released, the news is good. The game has been so well-received that Sonic Team plans to make upcoming Sonic games like it.

As reported by Eurogamer, the head of the team Takashi Iizuka has stated that Frontiers is the “cornerstone of future Sonic games”. This is a bold statement considering that this is definitely the largest Sonic game to be made to date. It’s clear that the new open-world elements are appealing to Sonic fans and players in general.

Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared in the early 90s as the mascot for SEGA. He was a fast-paced rival the likes of Nintendo’s cumbersome plumber Mario. His defining trait has always been his super speed, which allowed players to gleefully blast through numerous 2D worlds. Unfortunately, the transition to a 3D gameplay model did not work out smoothly. Many of the games created environments that did not work well with Sonic’s sometimes uncontrollable speed.

Thankfully, with Sonic Frontiers, the blue blur finally has a huge open, and seamless environment in which to run freely around without a care. It also includes a significant draw distance so that players can properly react to whatever dangers lie ahead.

Sonic Frontiers was only released a few weeks ago. Yet, it has already become one of the top-rated 3D Sonic games. Considering that, it may be a wise decision that Sonic Team will continue to take their character in the same direction.

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