One of gaming’s longest-running rumours has lastly been put to mattress. Sonic creator Yuji Naka at the moment confirmed that sure, moonwalking music icon Michael Jackson did, in reality, compose the soundtrack to Sonic 3—and that is most likely why Sega appears to have changed a bunch of Sonic 3’s bangers within Sonic Origins, a remastered assortment of the primary three video games launched at the moment.

Tweeting earlier at the moment, Naka expressed shock at Origins’ soundtrack altering out a number of tunes, together with Carnival Night Zone. Going by the replies, his notice of Sega Official utilizing Jackson’s music seems to stem from an official TikTok utilizing Billie Jean in a promotion celebrating Sonic’s thirty first birthday.

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Shortly after confirming Jackson’s involvement, Naka introduced ahead additional proof by sharing an image he took whereas on a helicoptor tour of the singer’s Neverland Ranch.

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Sega, Sonic Team and Naka (who has since left Sega to launch the considerably underwhelming Balan Wonderland and subsequently choose fights with Square Enix) have been extraordinarily cagey about Jackson’s involvement in Sonic 3 for the previous three many years. Naka’s considerably gung-ho method to social media use means it is arduous to inform if any official phrase let him spill the beans, or if he simply noticed his shot and took it.

Regardless, Sega appears to have determined it is time for Sonic 3 to maneuver on from Michael Jackson. According to GameXplain, eliminated tracks in Origins have been changed with tunes primarily based on early builds of Sonic 3.

Missing tunes seem like the least of Sonic Origins’ issues anyway, with Steam opinions already complaining of a poor PC port with dangerous efficiency, lacklustre bonus options and muffled audio on the substitute tracks. In quick, it isn’t precisely a thriller.