The new Skyrim The Isles of Teia DLC mod provides six principal isles to the game alongside two dungeons and extra.

Created by modders ‘smr1957’ and ‘Tasheni’, The Isles of Teia is a DLC-sized mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. Aside from the brand new areas that this mod provides, it additionally packs loads of new wildlife and underwater life.

The mod is an update for Tasheni’s The Isles Of Teia SE, which has now been uploaded to Nexusmods.

“The Isles of Teia, a world somewhere lying between the Sea of Ghosts and the Eltheric Ocean”, the outline of the mods reads.

The package deal additionally comes with ‘The Pride of Teia’ – a sailable ship and participant residence.

“Sail in Teia or in Skyrim, from Dawnstar to Castle Volkihar and take your companions with you.”

Down beneath you’ll discover some screens and movies of this mod in motion:








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Teia is the title of a goddess, she was honored as a titan of gems, the brilliant blue sky and valuable metals. She was born within the void as an offspring of Padomay. All what’s left of her is the title of the isles, however, possibly some Wild Elves keep in mind her cult, who is aware of. Teia lies properly hidden between the Sea of Ghosts and the Eltheric Ocean in no one’s land. It’s a really lonesome place. You will discover some boats to row or sail to the completely different isles. Take heat garments with you, in the event you go to Angalayond.

There aren’t any quests included, but, however a activity: Destroy the Great Welkynd Stone inside Teia Silaselis. But be ready.

To get there you will need to undergo Wayward Tunnels. The entrance is south of Left Hand Mine within the Reach.

Those can download this new DLC-sized mod for the Special Edition of Skyrim right here. Of course, this mod is just out there for the PC model of the game.

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