Your character in Skyrim will be defined the most by the skills you choose to level for them. Skyrim has a total of eighteen skills to level, some of which will help you on the battlefield and others off it. Furthermore, for each skill, there is a set of trainers that you can pay to help you master each specific skill. When it comes to bargaining, bartering, and persuading, you’ll want to focus on leveling your Speech skill. The best way to do this is with Speech Trainers, so read on to learn where you can find them.

Where to Find All Speech Trainers in Skyrim

There are a total of five Speech Trainers in Skyrim. The first and easiest of them to find is Revyn Sadri in Windhelm. Once you arrive in the city, head over to Sadri’s Used Wares, where you’ll find the Dark Elf Speech Trainer. However, Revyn Sadri is just one of two Adept Speech trainers. The other is the Khajiit Dro’marash, who can be found walking along the roads between Dawnstar and Riften, or camped outside of either city; he isn’t always the easiest to find.

Nonetheless, these are only Adept Speech Trainers. That means they can only train your Speech level to a maximum of 50. If you’re looking to go higher, you’ll want to find the two Expert Speech Trainers, who can get you to level 70. Or, the best of the best, the Master Speech Trainer, for level 90 speech.

Nonetheless, the first Expert Speech Trainer you’ll want to seek is Ogmund, who you can find at the Silver Blood Inn in Markath. The other Trainer, Ronthil, is only available to those that have the Dawngaurd DLC. Nonetheless, if you have this DLC you have a second option for Expert Speech Trainers, Ronthil, who resides in Castle Volkihar.

The Master Trainer, Giraud Gemane is the best and last of the Speech Trainers. You can find him at Bards College in the city of Solitude. Evidently, he is the Dean of History at the school, and can most frequently be found roaming around the ground-floor library.

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