I do not know whether or not to explain this as an act of herculean heroism or sisyphean torment, however somebody has overwhelmed Skyrim. No, actually overwhelmed it. Wrung each final drop of journey out of it in a trial that left them with each spell, merchandise, and perk within the game at stage—watch for it—1,337, totally with out mods or cheats. Why? My mates, why climb the very best mountain? Why fly the Atlantic? Why does Rice play Texas? Not as a result of they’re simple, however as a result of you possibly can brag about it on-line.

Noticed by GamesRadar, the participant in query goes by the identify pawelos4 and boasts 1,800 hours complete of Skyrim playtime between its commonplace and particular editions. They boast that they’ve executed “all the things that may be executed in Skyrim” in pursuit of “essentially the most legendary character ever.” Pawelos4 has kind for this sort of factor: three years in the past they did the same factor, publishing a video of their many-hour try and create a 100% full Skyrim save file for onlookers to gawk at, however that is outdated information.

“[My previous 100% Skyrim attempt] has nothing on THIS save,” writes pawelos4, “This time I REALLY made certain to get each single legitimately obtainable merchandise within the game… that is EVERYTHING THIS GAME HAS TO OFFER full save.” Meaning their ensuing save has each ability maxed out, each perk, each merchandise, all places unlocked, each home, each “hidden or much less identified quest” accomplished, each… look, it has each all the things, OK? We’re witnessing the final word triumph of the human spirit right here.

For those who’re curious why pawelos4 settled on stage 1,337 as their ultimate levelling objective, you then’re clearly a type of gen Z/A children I hold studying about who would not bear in mind when the web was good. Pawelos4 opted for essentially the most elite quantity on the market as a result of, properly, they’d hit stage 1,000 and stage 1,111 earlier than. 1,337 is the subsequent cool quantity on the docket, and so turned our hero’s north star.

It additionally means they’re virtually unkillable. Marvel as they survive a thousand-foot plummet:

perks of being stage 1337 from r/skyrim

The method of reaching stage 1,337 took a very long time, and required tens of hours of repeatedly doing issues like casting the identical ineffective Phantasm spell on random NPCs as a way to grind up the corresponding ability rank. Would you prefer to see that? After all you’ll. Here is an 11-hour video of our stakhanovite hero climbing laboriously to stage 1,337 (from stage 116). It is 11 hours as a result of he needed to set it to 4x its precise pace as a result of in any other case it might be too lengthy for YouTube. Set it to 0.25x pace to expertise the true 43-hour expertise as pawelos4 did. I am going to anticipate your report about it on my desk by morning.

Concern not, pawelos4 says they took breaks, and the entire effort occurred over about 80 separate play classes. Plus, they did not simply sit staring on the display screen whereas casting Phantasm spells to climb from 116 to 1,337. They are saying they often had YouTube or Netflix going on the similar time. Nearly defeats the mystique a bit, should you ask me.

That is, I do not know, stunning? It is stunning. By no means earlier than in historical past has one thing so inessential been pursued with such hard-headed dedication, and it is my pleasure and privilege to see pawelos4 hit their final objective. If you wish to see the ultra-100%, level-1,337 character they made for your self, you possibly can download the save file over at Nexus Mods. Be warned, although: there’s not a lot left to do on it.